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Monday, April 16, 2018


- Blog Birthday Celebrations!
Hey jammers!
How are you all today? 
 I could do a longer introduction to this post but I am not because um you know... The only news I have is that I am probably using a table saw tomorrow and mitre saw tomorrow. (Mitre saw's kinda scare me XD) 

Anyways, so this post was actually meant to be posted on Saturday but I didn't recieve much time, because I had to update a page... (youll find out the contest page in a moment). So then yesterday I was working on that page again to update it but. THEN WHEN I WENT To PUBLISH... IT DIDN'T SAVE! Then it was to late to try again, so I made it today... So now that page was UPDATED CONTESTS!! Because since this blog is turning 4 years on sunday, I am hosting  2 contests and  a giveaway!! As well as a party this SATURDAY!! 
The contests are guessing type, drawing type and there is an art commission like it says in the image above.  
Id be nice if everyone could enter these contests! You have a bit less than a month (22 days) to enter them! You can check them out by clicking the image on the left side of the blog at the top!!

The next celebration is a party!
Because you can't go blogging 4 years without having a party. Now can you?
Sorry if the print is a bit hard to read. 
So party is this Saturday at 7:00pm Eastern. 
6:00pm, Central, 4:00pm Pacific. 

If you have any questions about time or the party let me know in the comments below!!
(Hopefully enough people come so I don't have to reschedule. I seem to have to do that quite a bit with parties XD, guess some things never change...)

So yeah! There are the celebrations!! I hope everyone can participate, it would mean a lot to me if you guys did!!

Thats all for today jammers! 
See ya soon!!
- Violet



    *THROWS CONFETTI* CONGRATTTTTTTTTTTTS VI!!! I think I can make it to the party?


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