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Sunday, June 2, 2019

More on Animal Jam for Teens "Feral"

- Daily Item
-More information on the animal jam game for teens

Hey jammers!
A little while since i've posted last. I've been occupied with life and school work. Plus the past few nights I have been busy with dance dress rehearsal, and 2 dance recitals. They went pretty good for most part except for messing up a few times in my dances. Silly brain of mine DX But I always mess up in dances for recital so I guess its okay. I can't wait to go back to dance next year( well actually in like a few months tbh) and the mess ups weren't super major so I guess it's okay? *shrugs*

Anyways let's get on with today's post

I lowkey kinda just wanna play AJ properly for like a while, since I feel like that hasn't happened in awhile...

Daily Item:
Today we have the graduation gown sold in jam mart clothing for 500 gems!
I vaguely remember this item coming last year. I guess AJ expects us all animals to go to school and become graduated. Soon they are gonna have an actual den for school, that can fit all the school items XD Anyways, this is a nice item, and could easily be used as a dress. 

Here is what it looks like on a pig:

It actually kinda suits this outfit, not gonna lie.

More on Animal Jam for Teens:
So in one of my most recent posts, I revealed that AJ would be coming out with a teen version of animal jam. I was casually on tumblr today and I searched animal jam. One of the posts that popped up was this:

This is actually just a tweet.
So it's been more announced that the new game will be called FERAL.

Also after trying to type a few entries into the search bar I came across a video that has more information on the game.

Here is the video for credits of the information that I am about to provide below...

Here are some screenshots.
This is the official confirmation. 

This game actually sounds quite fun! I can't wait to play it. 

Basically its suppose to be able to beta test by the end of the summer to early fall. 
I will for sure beta test this and this post about it on here. 
Then it will officially be released by the end of the year. 
This is quite exciting. If you type in the link, fer.al it will you to the wildworks website. 

Hope you enjoyed learning more about this game.
Are you guys excited? Do you plan on playing it?

I also think it will be 3D like playwild considering the preview picture in the first image shows a little bit. 
Thats all for today jammers!
See you soon!

There is no new due date yet. So please enter, it was suppose to be done by like a month ago but we've had only two entries. Thanks :)


  1. Oooohhh, this looks quite interesting! :o I might give it a try when it comes out? I hope they don't get rid of the actual AJ, but I don't think they will if this is supposed to be a game for kids who are growing out of AJ and need a new game.

    Also, sorry I haven't commented in forever! I'll try my best to keep up with your posts!

    1. Yes, you must give it a try! Yeah, I hope they don't get rid of AJ either, though they probably won't :D It's alright and thank you!!

  2. Dang I wish it wasn't 3D, 3D animation just makes me nauseous :\

    Sounds cool tho! I'll give it a try probably

    1. This sounds exactly like Feral Heart though XD

    2. I don't mind the 3D, maybe it will be a mixture of both. You must try it Doomy :D

  3. Honestly I would love to play the beta version of this

  4. How do you even play this game? By that I mean, where's the game for us to play?

    1. Hmmm . . . I don't quit know . . . how do you?

    2. Oh, I know! maybe you can check out Tillytoebeans video she made! do you know which one it is?

    3. Yup! Thankyou, all of you guys!

    4. The game hasn't been released yet, but you can currently sign up to beta test it now!

  5. Catbunny9999 (aj name)October 14, 2019 at 10:03 AM

    Yee! So excited!!!!!!!

  6. I hope they make an app version. I dont really like the compute an so I dont know if I'll like dis

  7. When is this coming out?

    1. Its being beta tested right currently! But sometime next year:)


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