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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Violet's AJ Bday Party (celebrating 15 years)

Hey jammers!
Today is my birthday!! My family and I are actually doing the cake and presents tomorrow because if we did it tonight there wouldn't be enough time to go to a restaurant and do all that stuff so yeah:) 
I did manage to have a pretty chill day though. I finished my dream catcher, finished my clay teddy bear, drew a bit, read a bit, watched youtube a bit. As well, hosted my birthday party on AJ which went AWESOME!

Which is basically what this post is about! Thank you to everyone of you who came:) I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I believe at one point we ended up with 13 people, which is one of the highest amounts of people I have had at a party. Compared to the other most recent party it was much better by numbers of people. Even if you only stayed for a small portion of it I still appreciate it!

If you missed this party don't worry there will be more in the future, so hopefully you can be there:)

Anyway's let's check out all the fun we had at today's party!

So first we started off with some pictures, of dancing around and saying Happy Birthday and then doing our favourite emote!

Just some fun chatting, while doing the first activity, find the plushie! If you are wondering what past the gone is, its a reference to the maze runner seriesXD

Got warned not to go by the fire, or else, I would turn into bacon XDD

Next we did some trivia/true and false!

The winner for this ended up being Koolestkat.

Then we ate some cake!

Did a fashion show!

Finally, we did some truth or dare, which there was only 2-3 people left by the time this happened.

So yeah!! 

I hope you all had fun and enjoyed this party!!

Thanks for all the item gifts on AJ so far, don't worry if your present is late, I don't mind at all!

Once again, thanks for all of those who came I appreciate it a lot!!

Don't forget to sign up for the plushie challenge and LPOTM if you haven't yet.

See you guys soon!!

Monday, August 13, 2018

1st RIM REDO since April

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Hey jammers!! 
Today I went to a butterfly conservatory for my birthday which is indeed tomorrow:D 
This gal of yours is turning 15 years old:) Im fine with that age I guess? 
Anyways there was lots of butterflies and I think I had about 7-8 on me, but like most of them were just on me for like 1 second XD Yeah there was a big butterfly on a little girl and it was there for a long while. Then there was a guy who scared of a butterfly that landed on him..... I wonder how some people are scared of butterflies. Like they are such sweet and innocent creatures. Then I got this cool glass thing with butterflies on and the city that we were in written on it!

So yeah that was my day, we are suppose to be going to a zoo sometime soon, when my sister isn't working and a day that is good.. I also really wanna see Christopher Robin!
Daily Item:
Today we have the rare bee antennae sold in jam mart clothing for 850 gems!
This is quite pricey for just antennae. But I mean it is nonmember for once so what I can I say? Because of this item I have only 600 and something gems XD

Here is what it looks like on a seal:
It's kinda funny, seeing a seal with bee antennaeXD

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Birthday Party Invite:)

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Hey jammers!
Today my day wasn't as productive as I had planned it to be. But I guess thats okay XD
I basically just vaccumed and read and now I am here. I was planning on working on my dream catcher and finishing my clay teddy bear.... 

Anyway's  today I am here with another post, two days in a row.
Rowzers. (Get it cause in a row so instead of wowzers, its rowzers? XD)

Daily Item:
Today we have the fancy vest sold in jam mart clothing for 750 gems!
Don't y'all think 750 is a little bit pricey for just a vest?

Here is what it looks like on a seal:
Hmmmmmm. I like it in away, but then I don't XD

Friday, August 10, 2018

Lots of stuff:) A long post awaits!

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Hey jammers!
Welcome back to another post on the... ANIMAL JAM LEGENDARY PALOOZA!! Your source for the latest everything in jamaa!! JK, thats probably not accurate XD When I volunteered today I made maracas, out of cardboard. It is actually quite easier than it sounds. My brain isn't working number 1 today so I am not really sure what I talked about in the post from the other day... *Thinks* So yesterday I went shopping with my friend and I got a new shirt, shorts and a backpack for travelling so I don't have to use my school backpack all time when my family does small day trips or whatever.  I was hoping to get another shirt, and possibly a pair of thicker leggings but, I kinda forgot about the leggings and the other shirt was so hard to find with a price like 15 and under with a size that fitted. I was going to get like a green shirt but I found it a bit tight fitted... I guess now that I think about it maybe I just needed the next size up XD Oh well... So yeah.. Im trying to think what I did all week  but nothing special really happened. Next week is my birthday and I am going to a zoo and a butterfly conservatory. Then im voluntering next week probably a day or two (still should be a post though...) Then the week after that I am going camping on the weekend and then the day after that I am going to a 5sos concert again, and then I guess it is basically the end of the month... and I have to go back to school the next week. Wait, I have to go back to school the week after? Awwww snap, I did not think that through.....:(

Anyway's lets get on with the post because it is a long post, so make sure to sit back and relax and enjoy the post:) 
Im not even sure if any of you read the intro so....

Daily Item:
Today we have the glass storefront sold in jam mart furniture for 450 gems!!
I wish all these items were for nonmember. Im not sure if any of them are though.
At least its a nice price though!


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