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Friday, August 18, 2017

We discuss the AJ toyline

- Check out today's new item
- Exploring the top level of the chamber of knowledge, featuring the solar eclipse
- Discussing the AJ toyline
- An amazing masterpiece from Crazcatlover
Hey jammers! 
Sorry if I sounded like I was bragging yesterday about all the gifts I got, I was just really happy with them, and wanted to share my happiness. I plan on going to the aquarium more in the future and meeting more seals a lot! Anyway's ill change the topic cause you probably don't wanna hear anymore about that... Anyways, I started to read the sweet dead life today. It's actually pretty good so far, like it started being interesting from the beginning which I like in books:D I feel like I just got a rush of energy in myself.... OH YEAH. HEDLEY RELEASED ANOTHER SONG FROM THERE ALBUM AND ITS CALLED BETTER DAYS AND I LIKE IT A LOT. YOU SHOULD GO CHECK IT OUT!!

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning bee shirt sold in jam mart clothing for750 gems!
Just another perfect item to make yourself a bee, eh?

Here is what it looks like on arctic wolves:

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The one in a life time Jamaa Eclipse

- Jamaa Journal Update
- The Solar Eclipse
Hey jammers!!
Soooooooooo yesterday I got my birthday presents and I got....
SQUISHIES!!!!!!! Which I assumed I would considering I heard my brother talking about them with my a sister a bit in another room... SKIN TONE COPICS. Which I have been wanting for awhile now. THE FEVERCODE. Which is the 2nd prequel to the maze runner series so now I have all the books except for the graphic novels which is okay. I'ma read it after 2 smaller books I had planned to read... A BIRTHDAY PUSHEEN. I love pusheen and so I got one, its the birthday pusheen. And to save the best for last.... I GOT A INSTAX MINI 9!!!! The only thing is though, I gotta get some film for it so I can start taking pictures with it. And I GOT TO MEET A SEAL. Which I already told you about it was honestly the best and I am gonna meet more seals in the future(HOPEFULLY/PROBABLY). But anyways so yeah those were the presents I got yesterday!

The one and only JAMAA ECLIPSE! But before we look at that we gotta look at the update!

Jamaa Journal:
The jamaa eclipse has arrived!!

Just a reminder to wear proper classes when watching the solar eclipse so your eyes don't get hurt.

A NEW APP? It sounds like you can learn about lots of animals from on this app.
Kinda cool I guess?

National honeybee day is back, with the pet honeybees and items!

OOOOH, you can now find both pixelpainting and painting in the art studio.
And all plushies can be in both land and water, I wonder if that works for the claws too?

Honestly I rate this update like 5/10.
More like 4.5 but whatever.

This is the first solar eclipse item and the only one I could find out of Jam mart furniture and clothing and the diamond shop.
Hopefully they start to release more!
Obviously I couldn't see the new armour in the diamond shop, cause we also have armour!!

Here it is on the goat:
*Buys all armour*

Well I was originally going to make a gif of all the solar eclipse facts but they are just going to be posted normally since it was taking to long to load.
These were the only facts I could find. 

And now to experience the solar eclipse in the lands that it is happening in...
First off Jamaa Township:

Next we have The Lost Temple of Zios:

And finally, we have Appondale:

I thought i'd be cool if they did it in all the lands of Jamaa. But I guess the other lands are in a different hemisphere, that the solar eclipse occurrs.

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pet wash, keychain and cupcake unboxing/review

- A bit about my trip...
- AJ toys unboxing
- Birthday masterpieces:D
Guess whos back? Back again???
Guess whos back? Guess who's back guess who's back?
You guys: Ummmmm Box monster?
No!!! IM BACK!!
You guys: Oh you left? I didn't even notice...
Um box monster never left and I left for a day more like 2 days since I wasn't able to post....
You guys: So how was your seal encounter on monday aka your birthday?
Well I was about to tell you about that. 

 I am not posting any pictures of the seal I met cause there wasn't really any without me of the full seal body. And i'd prefer not to post any pictures on here, cause aj is kinda like my secret life that only my family knows about... Ya its hard to explain. Sorry about that guys! Anyways....
Anyways I went to an aquarium not saying the name but they had, penguins, sea lions and seals and some fish and a parrot and snake you could get a picture with. First we saw a bit of the penguin feeding. Oh my gosh the penguins were soooo adorable when they waddled I just kept going back to look at them. Then we saw a sea lion show which was AMAZING, I should have video taped all of it but I think I got a good 80,85, 90 percent of it. I was smiling the whole time. Then we looked around at all the fish and then the seals which was saw a bit when we walked in. Since one of the seals recently had a seal pup she was there and she was sooooooooo cute. Anyways we want back to seals and looked at them, I could have seriously spent all day there looking at them. Then it was time for for my seal encounter:) So I got a bit of a behind the scenes tour. Then I met the seal, she's blind in the both eyes. I got to hold her flipper, move her with a special tool for seals who are blind and you tap it on the ground, I got to give her a belly rub which I got a picture of myself with and yeah. The baby seal photobombed the pictureXD I was kinda hoping to be able to feed the seal, but I guess cause she probably has the biggest teeth of all the seals I was un able too. And have longer than 5 minutes I also would have gotten a kiss except the seal I met doesn't give kisses cause she moves a lot or something and they dont want her pushing the guests into the water and stuff which I was fine with. Then after we looked at the seals again and I took more videos and pictures and then we went to the gift shop and I got a seal stuffy and kinda named it after the seal I met. I really want to remember the seal encounter forever:) I also looked at all the sealions from the viewing of the aquarium.

Can I just say that aquarium was seriously a happy spot for me. I seriously felt so happy there. I asked my mom last night if could meet more seals in the future and she said its possible:D I hope to go back to the aquarium more often cause like I said above it was seriously a happy spot. I mean its at the most like 45 minutes away from where I live. I know we have to cross the border and stuff but still. It was an awesome small aquarium with such a great message. I am so glad they have an instagram page and that the seal I met has an instagram page. So even if I don't go like 1-2 times a year or something I can still keep up to date with the stuff. If I lived close to it I would seriously go there a few times a month probably and probably get a job there as a trainer:D 

Then after that we went to grab a bite to eat and then after we went to target cause I wanted to get some aj toys which I did. Now that I think of it we should have gone to walmart since they probably had more of a selection but thats okay, I did see the trading cards there except I didn't get any. Then we had one more stop and came home.

Thats just a brief summary kinda, I'm not really going into a lot of detail and stuff but yeah!! 
I gotta say I wish that day never ended and same with the seal encounter, I know it probably happen more in the future even if its like 10-15 years from now but yeah...

So after I post the daily item I will do a review/unboxing of all the aj toys I got!!
I still need a stuff which I have been wanting since they first got released XD

OH I am getting cake and presents tonight cause personal things happened which I am not discussing. Cause personal...
I wonder what I will get?

I went with my mom to register for dance classes this year like we usually do and so my mom mentioned to one of my dance teachers that I was thinking of doing lyrical but chose not to cause of school, and I wanted to see how it'd go with the first year as just 2 classes and because Id be doing 2 nights. But she said I should try it and if I don't like it I could bow out and then she said something but I cant say cause yeah (its not anything bad) and then she said I wouldn't have to do it on another day too. So now I am doing 3 classes... So yeah that happened.

This was honestly the longest intro ever. I guess it wasn't an intro , but in a way it was. But whatever.

Also I think I am going to skip the daily item now cause this post is going to be pretty long and I'd be adding an extra part which probably doesn't make much of a difference but oh well!

The new item is tulips I believe sold in treetop gardens I think.
Incase y'all wanted to know!!

Okay now let's get to the unboxing/ Review:)
Also the seal I met was a grey seal incase you wanted to know...

AJ Toys Unboxing/Review:
So let's get started!!
Here is everything I got:
So I decided to get the pet wash set, it was honestly so hard to choose between that one and the cotton candy but I decided to go with the pet wash. Then I was originally gonna get 4 adopt a pet houses except when I did, I found a keychain so I did just 2 adopt a pets and the keychain.  The adopt a pet houses were the new cupcake ones! 

So here is the pet wash station alone:

Here it is out of it's package:
I got a froggy which is a limited edition pet and a skunk which is honestly sooooo cute!!

Here is the prize it came with from the code:

Here it is in the den, if you click on it the door opens and you can give your pet a pet wash! I'm guessing if you did the cotton candy one it would bring you to the cotton candy machine.

Next we have the keychain stuffy I got:

Here it is out of the package:
So I ended up getting this cute little bunny! 
I was hoping to get a specific one but that's alright:)
Its still very cute.

Here is the prize I received from it;
Wow one diamond I was not expecting that...

And now onto the adopt a pet cupcakes!
Here they are before:

And here they are out of the package:
I got a cute little lemur from the first one.

For this one I got a frog.
I believe one of them is rare which made me happy!!

From the frog I got:


From the lemur I got:
Not as cool but okay.

And finally here is all the items together:
Birthday Masterpieces:
So for my birthday, I got 3 AMAZING masterpieces from 3 of my buddies.

Can I just say, these are incredible and I think I have some of the GREATEST online friends (aj friends) that anyone could ask for and I am being serious here.

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


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