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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Winter Fun Facts That You Hopefully Didn't Know!

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- Fun facts about winter!
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Hey jammers!
I am back here again today to post. I mean why else would I be here? 3 days in a row of posting though which is good. I wish I could post basically everyday like I used to except school gets in the way sometimes and yeah. But I try my best and thats the best anyone can do:) Tomorrow I have to study for a french test on Tuesday. Hmm what else is happening? Christmas is in basically two weeks! I am getting so pumped guys. I will try to post a lot over the christmas break. I know I will have a bit of homework but I am gonna try to make it so I have even less cause I mean two week break. You gotta try and use it to it's full capacity. But then after christmas break is like 2 or 3 weeks of school and then exams which I am not excited for. So much studying!! Though if I study and know most things or all I should be fine right? Atleast thats what my sister keeps telling me.

Okay it's time to get onto post time again cause I have like 35 minutes! 
Let me see if I can post in that time range... I did it successfully yesterday:)

Daily Item:
Today we have the jamaaliday jester hat sold in jam mart clothing for 325 gems!
I must say, these jamaaliday items are such a decent price and are very nice too!

Here is what it looks like on penguins:

Saturday, December 9, 2017

December's Paloozian

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Hey jammers!
I am here once again:):):)
See I told ya I would be here again to post sometime this weekend. Didn't I?
I had a list of stuff to do this weekend and I barely got any of it done. I thought today would be productive day but I guess not. Oh well. One of my cats, the one who is usually always dosy. He was going kinda crazy today like we found a toy ball for cats and he started to play with that and then he played with another cat toy and then he started to play with a carpet of ours on the floor and then yeah. It was really strange for him XD

I am trying to type this post up in like 20 minutes so we shall see how that goes...
So let's start now!! I would have fun facts except due to time I am not posting that today.
Also I am thinking of changing the schedule again maybe? So if you have any ideas comment them down.
Daily item:
Today we have the new jamaaliday police hat sold in jam mart clothing for 200 gems!
These colours are actually very nice. This item also has a good price and is for nonmembers. So yay!!

Here is what it looks like on penguins:
It actually kinda suits them pretty well.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

My Lame But Cute Orange Comic:)

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Hey jammers!
This week started off kinda rough, not because of school. 
A semi personal reason, which as of now I don't wanna post about to the whole world. But you all know how it feels when your pet passes away or gets put down...:( You can probably tell what I am talking about... So yeah I am not going into to that conversation today. 
I would be posting the LPOTM for december but I don't feel like it and to be honest. I am sure I will have a post this weekend, (hopefully) (fingers crossed)
Though crossing fingers never really works for me so I don't know why I said that XD

Anyways onto Le Post of the le day:)

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning royal jamaaliday cape sold in jam mart clothing for 450 gems!
Bare with me, I am not even sure if this is today's item but you know whatever:P
Anyways, its a nice jamaaliday colour which gets you into the christmas spirit. Cause yeah know, Christmas is in less than 20 days! woo woo!

Here is what it looks like on penguins:
Almost like a blanket XD

Friday, December 1, 2017

Jamaalidays are back!

- Jamaa Journal Update 
- LPOTM Sign Ups
Hey jammers!
I am actually surprised I am posting today, because english has taken over my life this week. Like we have so much stuff all at once and most of it is at home. I am hoping once Tuesday is done english will be easier, with stuff to do at home, most of it is reading. Its like in a way though, I know we are in academic english in all but still we are only grade 9. But in a way though it is probably because of the book we are reading and doing tests on soooooo.
Anyways, a youtuber I watch is coming to a mall thats like an hour away from me on Decemeber 10 and she is doing a meet up and its free so, I wanna go. Hopefully I can get a drive though. Possibly go with a friend of mine who watches her too?
In other news I have been trying to draw my 2 aj animals right now except I havent had time. The bunny is done I just need to work on the penguin. Then I am going to draw them on my wacom tablet. Then post them here. I have been dying to do this forever. But you know english gets in the way, its not so much the other subjects its more english:P

Anyways yesterday we had a jamaa journal update, so since its not to late I will posting that!!

Jamaa Journal:
A new adventure has arrived. At first when I read this I thought it was leading to a new land, but I guess not:(

I totally forgot... THE JAMAALIDAYS ARE BACK!

Jamaaliday alpha armour is here once again.

A limited time member bundle for the month of december.
I mean you get so much stuff with it!

The jamaaliday den is back:)

Deer have returned as wella s the jamaalidays rescue adventure.

The jamaaliday jam is back and so are pet reindeer.

The new winter box is here which means new items will be coming this year!
I wonder what these boxes will hold, I always get so excited for them even though I don't personally get one.

Legendary Paloozian Of the Month Sign ups:
I know its only december first and I could technically be waiting another week to do this but I am doing it now because who knows when the next post will be and stuff so yeah.
All you need to do is...
- Favourite animal of yours on aj
- Favourite pet of yours on aj
- Why you want to be legendary paloozian of the month

*if you are nominating someone to be LPOTM please make sure that they read the blog*

I would really appreciate you guys entered for this!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon!!


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