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Thursday, August 8, 2019

The interesting camels have arrived + Juno Wild weekend

- Jamaa Journal
Hey jammers!
Sorry for not posting for the past 2 weeks, I guess I have been distracted in my own hobbies and activities, and of course work:) 

Jamaa Journal:
Today we got the new jamaa journal update with the camels, so let's check it out quickly!!
First up we have the wild weekend. Ah I see a wild weekend dedicated to Juno...  Cause we totally needed that... I guess the items are cool though? Haven't looked at them to closely yet though.  But by the pictures they look like they would be good for a nice mythical den or something like that.

The camels have arrived finally. I'm not sure how I feel about these camels, if i'm gonna be honest. They kinda look creepy when they stand there and idk they just look strange depending the direction they are facing. 

A reminder about playwild!

Cosmo's tree house is back!! I've always loved this den, so I am happy it is back:)

Ooh National Honeybee day is coming up quickly. 
Make sure to check out those fun facts and  adopt those bees, and get those items!

A reminder for tiki trouble, which is kinda strange, since this isn't new. Probably just a page filler. Or a way to get more jammers down to the oceans. 

New patterned foxes coming soon! 

School house party is back, just in time for all those people who are starting school soon. Unless your like me and don't start until the beginning of September and could have waited until the next jamaa journal for the party XD  Bird feather items are coming soon! I am excited for these items as they look kinda cool, and I feel like it's been awhile since AJ has released a new den set. 

Ooh Looks like there is a new bundle also, for the birds of a feather. I guess some of those items will be appearing with the new coming soon items. 

This is the new camel. I am not entirely sure why this camel has a mane? Well at least that is what it looks like lol. It kinda looks like they photoshopped the head from the llama and the legs a bit. But then again, what can we expect? Also, it doesn't seem like jamaa is being overpopulated with these camels actually. (when they sit down they look like a kangaroo XD)

Wild weekend items:

These items do actually look cool! Although I am not really huge on these new lore pieces with the Alpha Headquarters these items do look quite neat, so I shall pick up some of the nonmember items!!

I rate this update a...

What do you guys think about the update?

That's all for today jammers!
See you soon!

Friday, July 26, 2019

Jamaalidays in July Wild Weekend and My New Animal Outfits

- Jamaa Journal Update
- New animal outfits
Hey jammers!!
Back here for another post. I feel like I haven't really posted as much as I wanted to this summer, but I guess its better than before. Hopefully in August, I can start to post more interesting things besides updates and that stuff. Anyways, today I actually had a pretty good day and im happy:) Volunteered then planted some stuff that needed to be planted XD Then 3doodled  then read some of Twilight. 
So yeah its been a good day. Now writing a blog post:)

Yesterday we received an okay update. It wasn't the best in my opinion but it's okay.

Jamaa Journal:
First up we have the wild weekend, which is Jamaalidays in July! Speaking of which, we never got Jamaalidays in July did we this year? Or was it there near the beginning of the month? Anyways, now we get it now!! Make sure to stock up on all these jamaaliday items because, I don't know why you want to celebrate Jamaalidays/Christmas Holidays in the summer, but you know. You do you:)

Pet goats are back! I vaguely remember these and they are really cute! I wish they were nonmember but unfortunately they are not. 

Battle for the beacon is leaving. I never really played this adventure much within the course of it's overall arrival in the game. Now we are getting rare black night armour coming to the shops for a limited time. I wonder how many items of these will be nonmember? It better not be the recoloured knight armour. But how much do you guys want to bet it is? If I can't get it, can someone buy it for me :D I probably won't be on Monday so.... 

Refer a friend reminder. 

A reminder about plushies and toys.
Thanks for that reminder, I do like the plushies and actually completely forgot about the toys until now. 

Well there you have it! The new update!!

I'd rate it personally... a....

New Outfits:
The other day when I was on AJ, I decided it was time to change my animals outfits. So I thought I could post theme here:)

First one up is the pig:
I decided to go with the colour pink! I actually love this new outfit design. 

Second one is my seal:
I decided to go with blue and wear my moon hat that I received from the code Apollo11.

Which one do you guys prefer better?
Personally I like my pig's outfit better:)

I miss my bunny though:( AJ we need more animal slots for nonmembers! Atleast 3 at the least but 5 at the most (actually more would be nice since members get 1000) 
That's all for today jammers!
See you soon:)

Saturday, July 20, 2019

My Wild Weekend Opinion and Code Apollo11

- Wild Weekend
- Apollo11 Code
Hey jammers!
How are y'all today? 
I can't believe its already July. 20th. This summer is flying past way too quickly. I need more time to relaxxxx XD

Anyways, today I am posting about my opinion on this weekend's Wild Weekend and the new Apollo11 code. (sorry Doomy if this is like a copy of what you posted earlier with like similar topics. I didn't mean to, it was just what I wanted to post XD.. :( )

Wild Weekend:
This weekend we have the wild weekend of crazy hairdos, which are all suppose to be different hair colours then usual.
Violet's Opinion of Wild Weekend: 
To be honest Im not exactly that happy with this wild weekend. All the items have already come to the stores before and some return every year and can be traded. So it's like we already have these. But I didn't realize they were different colours until today, so that makes things a little better.

Code - Apollo 11:

This code is available for 3 days only so make sure to use it quick!
It was created as it has been 50 years since the Apollo 11 landed. 
The items above  are the items received. Though, some people have received a finland flag instead of the rare moon hat. I believe the rare moon hat also comes in different colours aswell. 

What are your thoughts on this code?

I really actually like this code, and its nice for a change, cause I feel like we haven't gotten any new codes since Meagyn's bear. So make sure to use the code while it lasts!!

That's all for today jammers!
Sorry for the shorter post today, I am kinda running out of time DX 
Maybe I will post tomorrow... probably not but we will see.

See you soon:D

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Shops Til You Dropppp

- Jamaa Journal Update
Hey jammers!
I am back again, with a second post in a week, is it? Woo hoo!!
Today I was actually gonna post something else, but then I realized today we had an update which I totally forgot about until I was on the blogger dashboard and saw some posts. So I shall post the update, it's seems decent to me. A lot of it I feel is for members, but it has quite a bit of stuff. Hopefully the updates are like this for the summer.

Jamaa Journal:
This week's wild weekend  is Shops Til you drop.
It features 4 different looks to shops. I really like these looks, its kinda nice. This is another good wild weekend. Nice job AJ! (*whispers* I think you should have made one for nm though... just a saying.)

Goats have returned. I miss my goat, from when I was member. 
I miss having a bunch of animals and animal slots... (whispers, AJ add more slots for nm too:))

The beach house is back!! Oh I guess since its summer, maybe non members will be getting a summer nonmember den, like they did with fall and winter. I was hoping there would be one for spring, but I guess not, cause the original is kinda spring like anyways. 
Anyways, I love the beach house den. When I was a member, I had an icecream parlour in it... I miss that XD

A new mode is here. This basically makes your regular sized screen bigger if you want. It says you can make the screen as big as you want, but you can only change it to full screen. I was hoping you could make it smaller, but the smaller is just the regular size. Not sure what to think of this personally. But you can always just use the thing on the browser that lets you zoom and out of the screen to make it bigger or smaller... So... Hmmmmmm.

A new bundle has arrived, its for members. It's called Fair time fun! I actually love this bundle and think the items are really cute. 

Looks like some people's observations were right. Camels are coming to Jamaa! Let's hope they aren't an edited version of a previous animal. 

Summer eggstravaganza pets have arrived, you can get a cardinal, sparrow and Frilled Lizard. I kinda wish they didn't do 2 flying animals, to give more of a variety but I guess thats okay. Also does anyone know what the pet was the other week, that was new?

Playwild updatee. The tortoises have arrived, in the game. Awww, they are sooo adorable. I wish AJ added tortoises. (Sssssppp, they say more expierence on Playwild, but soon to come will be Feral... Do you think they will advertise AJ Feral on the Jamaa journal?)

Falcon bundle has arrived. Didn't they just do this bundle within the last year? Though im not sure, it just seems familiar. But aahhhhh the pet falcon looks ADORABLE!

Another bundle, with goats.

Also here is the items for the two new bundles in the diamond shop:

Ahhhh the items are sooo perfect and cute!!!

Anyways, I rate this update an 8.5/10!

What do you think of this update? Let me know what you think in the comments. 
This was like the first time I actually posted an update on time since foreverrrr. Im so proud of myself XD
Thats all for today jammers!
See you soon!!


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