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Monday, February 12, 2018

February's Paloozian

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Hey Jammers!
I must admit.... I havent really had much homework this semester like I thought I would. The reason why I haven't really been posting is cause... I have been doing other things like.. My mom and I have been working on a secret project and then I had to study for a geo test. Then I had dance on wednesday and didn't feel like typing a post with only like 30-60 mins. Then on Friday, oh YEAH!! My brother was using the laptop I usually use so I couldn't post. Then on Saturday... I watched the First Twilight movie. Then Sunday I watched the second twilight movie and the third. So yeaahhhh. I also volunteered on Saturday too and now I have 42 hours of volunteering!! I actually love the Twilight Saga series. Especially... EDWARD:) Now I wanna read the seriesXD 
So yeah... I also did some winter photography too.
Oh and the chibi book I ordered I finally received.

Daily Item:
Today we have the rare cupid bow and arrow sold in epic wonders for 1850 gems.
Wow! This actually looks amazing. I really like this item to be honest. The price could be a bit cheaper but. I don't think this item deserves a rim redo. HONESTLY ITS AMAZING!!

Also it didn't show properly on my eagle so I won't be showing what it looks like.

Monday, February 5, 2018

My Little falling animation and more what do you see challenges

- RIM 
- Rim Redo
- Edit/animation of coyote falling
- More what do you see challenges
-LPOTM sign ups reminder
Hey jammers!
It is me Violet here again posting! Well today was my first day in semester two it was kinda boring cause it was like an introductory to all the classes. But for science we have a quiz every Friday and this friday I have  quizzes cause of Geography and science which is nice isn't it?
But tomorrow in art we are getting taught how to draw and we are doing a realism drawing which I excited to do!! Also got my exam marks back today... Did pretty good. So in math I got 87% which is good because my goal was to get atleast an 80%. Then in english an 87% as well and then in french since the exam is broken into 4 parts the part that we did on the exam day was the writing part and reading and those two combined are an 88.5 so an 89%. I think my english teacher was happy with what i got cause she said I have come far and have started to show improvement!!
Anyways I am quite happy with those marks cause they are like high 80's which is good:) I mean in the 80's is pretty good in all but still.

Okay let's get on with todays post shall we?

Daily Item:
Today we have the rare friendship wand sold in jam mart clothing for 875 gems!
Wow this is actually a lot for just a wand.
Don't know what AJ was trying to show here XD But it's um.... interesting.

Here is what it looks like on a snow leopard:

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Blog stuff and What do you see first images?

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- Poll Results
- Howl of the week
- Mini Challenge
Hey jammers!
Be prepared for a longish post ahead starting.... NOW. 
Okay so today actually has been a pretty good for me. I finished the book I was reading so I can return it back to school tomorrow and then I can get the last book in the trilogy and yeah.  I also updated Play wild although it didn't let me the first time I tried but then the second time it let me and I had to offload some apps. But then since I am now a member PW gave me 1500 sapphires which is awesome cause I can finally buy animals, pets, and dens now from the sapphire shop and then I get daily sapphires. Cause before it took me forever. Anyways I played for a bit but it drains battery quite easily and fast and takes up lots of space so I didn't get to far but I got a seal which walks weirdly cause it drags itself and then I got a pet snow leopard and a den. I was gonna get another animal but I couldn't decide, now I gotta make gems to buy some new items and stuff kinda like how I have to do now since I bought a bunch of dens yesterday.... (might buy another XD). The only thing about big dens though is that you need a lot of items to decorate and it takes soooo long soooo. Yeah:)
Then I also drew and worked on my fairy drawing which is actually turning out pretty good. Then I came here to post and had supper which was really funny and then I am here again after taking a shower. Now I gotta make this post quick cause I wanna watch youtube ASAP.
Also no daily item in today's post.... cause of time...

LPOTM Sign Ups:
It is that time of month again Legendary Paloozians where it is time to sign up to be....
Not not many people usually sign up for this or nominate someone so it would be nice if someone signed up! 

Here is the required info:
- Username
- Favourite AJ animal of yours
- Favourite AJ pet of yours
- Why you would like to be LPOTM

Thats it! It takes like maybe like 10 secs at the most to comment? Maybe at the least actually XD

You have until... Hmmmmmm let's say this Wednesday!!

Poll Results:
Ive been meaning to post the results to this poll for awhile so I thought to do it now.
Okay so it turns out of all last year's AJ boxes winter was everyones favourite and spring and summer were the least, while fall was the second most liked.

Howl of the week:
Last week I asked...
What animals do you think AJ will introduce to the game this year?

Unfortunately no one commented down howls for this so you guys have another week!

Can't wait to see the howls:)

Mini Challenge:
OKay to add some fun into this not so long post that I thought it would be I am gonna do a what do you see first mini challenge. Make sure to comment down what you see first in the comments!
Okay the first 4 words I saw were...
Lazy, happy, patient and peaceful which I guess are true? Though im a bit lazy not like super lazy like I can be lazy. Im usually pretty patient too. Happy, yep and peaceful? I hope soXD

Okay this one is really cool. I think I saw the kangaroo face I think that is first and then the butterfly wings with it.
Ahhh, what other animals do you see?

Should I do more of these in the future?

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya around Jamaa!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Snow Leopard Membership Promo Items

- Jamaa Journal Update
- Snow leopard promo items
Hey jammers!
I thought I would have posted more this week cause I had like 5-6 days off from exams but I didn't really feel like it and I was busy watching The Death Cure which was really sad at some parts and then I got distracted by Thomas Brodie Sangster stuff and TMR cause they are the best things... could discuss more about TDC movie but then there would be spoilers and all that stuff... So I had my exams this week, my last was suppose to be tuesday except it snowed so much the night before. So exams were postponed by one day and then I get to find out the results of them on Monday. Kinda nervous though to be honest. But then I get to start art class this semester and do tech and make a treasure chest at the end I think. Which will be really fun.  ALso getting my room repainted and new rug which is also another reason why I didn't post because e had to clear everything out and I share a room soooo... THERE WAS A LOTXD so yeah:) I also got a new membership which I entered in yesterday so now ima member again for the next 3 months....

Let's get on with the post....

Gonna do the jamaa journal update cause it came out 2 days ago.

Jamaa Journal:
First up we have a new adventure, I wanna do this adventure!

PET POODLES ARE HERE! They seem so cute, and the friendship cottage is back.

Special delivery is back along with the friendship party.

woah thats pretty good.

Friendship bundle.

OOOh you can send secret valentines temporarly.


Friendship armour is back along with printable valentines.

Safer internet facts and reminder!!

Overall this update was pretty good, i'd rate it a 9/10.
Lots of new content which is nice!!

Okay so now let's take a look at the items I received with the membership. Im not 100% if these items were shown with the update but ima just show them anyways cause why not? Oh they weren't perfect!! Just forget about what I said up there XD
Okay so with the membership I received a snow leopard which personally I don't really need another. But then I got all of the frozen items above which were...
- Frozen table
- Frozen chair
- Frozen Lantern
- Frozen couch

So yeah:)

Also I actually do kinda like the clydesdale horses, if im gonna be honest. I mean they do DAB WHICH IS LIKE ONE OF THE ONLY DOWNSIDES. There is a couple other things but other than that they are pretty nice:)
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya around in Jamaa!!



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