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Friday, June 15, 2018

Sabertooth and Dire Wolf Items+ Junes Paloozian

- Daily Item
- LPOTM for June
- Sabertooth and Direwolf Items
Hey jammers!
How are you all today? I was actually gonna make a post on sunday was it? But I kinda ran out of time so yeah.... that did not get posted. I have exams next week and I need to study a lot for them. But it should  be quicker to study because I have memorized the stuff previously so it should be easier to memorize now right? I haven't worked on my treasure chest yet this week in tech... so I have basically 3 days.... um yeah and I need to focus on my gum ball machine. Ill probably come in on the exam day to work on it XD Also your probably wondering why I am on the computer when I should be studying for the exams, since its science and geography. I probably will regret this but yeah. I want some free time and inplus I do need a break when studying so yeah :D Also you do get a post so I wouldn't complain. 
Also 5sos's new album got released today :D There is a lot of bops. I like it. Though it's not their usual toon which is a little sad but, thats alright. 

Daily Item:
Today we the returning tall tiki table sold in jam mart furniture for 400 gems!!
This is always a nice item. The good thing also is that it is cheap. It also works good for a stand for quite a few items. If you want a plushie den, or museum or something you could scatter these all around actually:D It would actually be a nice display

Friday, June 8, 2018

An Oceantastic Update

- Jamaa Journal Update
- Riddle and Location Answers
- LPOTM Sign ups
Hey jammers!
How are you all this lovely fine evening? I myself am doing very good:) Although I have about 2 weeks left until school is done. WHICH IS GREAT!! Cause then I am free from school for 2 months. I think now that I am in highschool I get an extra week also or half a week anyways. Turns out I have a science exam and then a geography right after the next day, instead of having a weekend break to study which is kinda unfortunate... I am also doing 2 projects at once in tech, cause I wanted to make the box. The other project is a gumball machine and it is our final project.
So yeah:)

Okay let's get on with this post...
Yesterday we received a marvellous update, so let's check that out!

Jamaa Journal:
Ooooh so because of world oceans day, new ocean items are added and you can now place ocean den items in a land den and land items in an ocean den. This is actually pretty nice!

Pet dire wolves have arrived...

The water park is back! I always thought this was a nice den. Itd be cool if they made a den, with an even more upgraded waterpark. OR THEY ADDED A WATERPARK PARTY TO THE GAME. Oh my that would be AMAZING!! Who is with me on that?

Wild weekends are back. This time with new items, accessories and.... FEATURES.
I wonder what these features could consist of?

A princess outfit has arrived. Battle for the beacon is now back.

Facts around jamaa about oceans.

A new exhibit in the conservation museum and grahams frame.

The river's heart now has a hard mode. I dont think I actually have done that adventure yet....
Whoops XD 
Geckos video is back, I heard they had taken this away. BUT IT IS BACK NOW:D  I just watched for like the first time and it was interesting but I love it. Its like the video I watched like last month... I forget what that video was called though... Oh well. 

Box reminder!

They also added more den item spaces too!

I rate this update a....


It was pretty awesome.

Mini Challenge Answers:
Okay so a few weeks, ago I asked if you guys could spot the locations of the images that had been taken a picture of on the jamaa map. I also asked a riddle. So I will be revealing the answers to all of those. I meant to post this last week or the last time I posted but it didn't happen.

So without further ado...
Here are the mini challenge answers...

1. Sarepia Forest
2. River between, appondale, jamaa township and kimbara outback
3. Bahari Bay

Q actually got these answers correct so congrats!!

And now the riddle answer....


A Caskit.

Someone guessed a coffin so I guess that is close. I am not really sure what a caskit is though to be honest XD

LPOTM Sign ups:
Yes, that is correct jammers! Legendary paloozian of the month sign ups are back! 
If you would like to be LPOTM of the month please comment down the following information about yourself...
- Username
- Favourite AJ animal of yours
- Favourite AJ pet of yours
- Why you would like to be legendary paloozian of the month

If you are nominating someone, make sure they read the blog!!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Cotton Candy Machine Combinations/Choices

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Hey jammers!!
I apologize for not posting this week much or if any time at all. I got carried away with school which kept me busy, I had to study for science and work on a geography project. I few things in life also got in the way. Then on thursday was my dress rehearsal. Friday was my recital and other recital on saturday for dance. I messed up in my jazz dance on friday at one part which stressed me out and then threw me off for another part, lyrical was actually fine that day. Then on saturday for lyrical i think some of us were doing things faster than others, not sure though, then for jazz I messed up at the beginninging a bit because I think I forgot a move then I think the timing was off a bit too it wasn't our best weve done with that dance but it was okay.  I wish i could have compared those two dances though, but my mom didn't come so no one could record, I mean my dad could of but hes not a very techy guy so um yeah... Oh well though, I mean my friend said no one in the audience knows the dance, and my next year people will probably have forgotten at least in the audience. For some reason I always mess up in jazz though and I am not sure why... Oh well!!

Anyways, enough talking let's get on with this post!!

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning flapper hat sold in jam mart clothing for 600 gems!
This hat has actually never really been my favourite. But now looking at it once again, I feel like it could be a good item for some outfits!

Here is what it looks like on seals:
Actually not to bad. I kinda like it on a seal!

Friday, May 25, 2018

Arctic Fun Facts

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Hey jammers!
Today was a very interesting day for me. I got a henna done. At my school we had these games where we would compete against other grades and score points and their was also a dunk tank. I wanted to dunk one of my teachers cause he was suppose to be in the dunk tank, but never was. So really disappointed about that. There was also food trucks, that now I just found out that had quesadillas. I love those things. But I didn't make it in time.... DX
Oh well, there is always next year:D 

Daily Item:

Today we have the returning woven shoes sold in jam mart clothing for 400 gems!
I always loved these shoes. The fact that they are nonmember and like 400 gems is such a good deal. 
They also go well with like every outfit:D

Here is what it look's like on a pig:


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