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Monday, September 4, 2017

The Sarepia Forest Dream Catcher

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Hey jammers!
 I have some bad news and good news. The bad news is that the sidebar graphics are not finished yet and probably wont be for another week- a few weeks. Im gonna be honest here though, the making of the sidebars keep not doing what I want I guess you could say and its making me stressed so I have to stop everytime I do it, cause it just gets exhausting on just to keep trying and trying and trying, if you know what I mean? And it is also my last day of summer and like I mentioned before I am going into highschool which means much more homework than before. So I have been trying to enjoy my time on the computer with just playing AJ and chatting to friends the past few days. I hope this makes sense and that you guys understand! I mean at least I got the pages all updated (except for I story I am working on). Which leaves me to the good part...

I have decided instead of making you guys wait for the sidebar graphics to come, I decided to put the pages on the side of the blog with a gadget you can use, so you guys and anyone else who decides to view this blog for posts or info, can view the pages on the side:D It will be temporarily like that until I have the sidebar graphics done and other stuff. 

In other news... tomorrow is my first day of school.... YIPEE:( I mean it shouldn't be toooooo bad. But I will be sure to let you guys know how it goes:)

Daily item:
Today we have the rare violin sold in jam mart clothing for 900 gems!
OKAY OKAY. I really like this rim for some reason. I don't know it just, is different than usual since AJ doesn't usually do instruments, the colours are different as well which is also nice!

Here is what it looks like on a snow leopard:
Not to bad actually:)
The Sarepia Forest Dreamcatcher Edit:
Okay so I decided to edit a dreamcatcher image I found on google images. Um it didn't turn out exactly as I had planned but I guess it is okay?
So the feather outline turned, eh. But inside the feather shows, 3 pictures of parts of Sarepia. 
Tell me what you think in the comments?

LPOTM sign ups:
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Here is the info you need....
- Username
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- Favourite AJ pet of yours
- Why you would like to be LPOTM
Hope to get lots of entries!!!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya!!
- Violet 


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