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Thursday, August 10, 2017


- Check out today's new Cat armour and Den Items
- Small Jamaa Journal Update
- Kawaii Hamburger drawing
- Party Reminder
Hey jammers!
Today I weeded more of my dad's garden and I can't tomorrow, so I shall finish it Saturday cause I most likely can't Sunday and I don't wanna Monday cause you know its ma birthday monday!
I wanna pusheen cake but my sister says she won't make it:( 

Jamaa Journal:
Today we have a small jamaa journal update with 2 new cool things!
Firstly we have a wild weekend for all cat items! I actually love this wild week and the items are just awesome too! I am gonna have to play a bunch of adventures to get the amount of gems to get all the cat items today!

And here we have a solar eclipse happening in Jamaa for one night only! I hope this isn't the day that my mom, sister and I go on a day trip this upcoming week for my birthday, cause I really don't wanna miss out.

Here is the cat armour:
I don't usually buy the armour on AJ but I really like this cat armour so I bought the whole set:)

Here is what it looks like on Goats:

Here are the diamond shop den items:

And here are the gem den items:

Must go make lots of gems after this post:D

Just realized I should have got the cat items in a different colour.... Now I spend extra diamonds:P
Actually na, Ill pass.
Violet's Drawing:
This is what I have so far. Its not done yet, but I hope to have it done in 2 weeks:D
And it will have a bunch of shading and stuff that makes it look cool hopefully!!

Party Reminder:
Its in 2 days!!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!

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