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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

2 glitches I have found

- Check out today's new earings
- Playercard glitch I found
- Mini Challenge
- Party Reminder
Heeeeeeeeey Jammers!
Today I had to start weeding my dads garden's again:( And tomorrow I have to start my least favourite part of it:( I also painted my toe nails today and ate celery and a salmon wrap. The other I basically ate a full can of salmon, if it wasn't for my brother to have a small piece I would have ate it all up! Cool, eh?

Daily Item:
Today we have the new ruby ear rings sold in epic wonders for 1,250 gems!
These are interesting, I wouldn't choose to wear them, but they might go well with some outfits!

Here is what they look like on a giraffe:

So today while I was jagging my buddies and saying Hi. I came to my friend Tiger and the player card for the animal part was all black like the image below.
And I checked other animals but it only happened to this one. 
Weird, right?

Now the next glitch I have is, lately whenever I have gone to see where my buddies were, it would say Null's den or Jamaa Township. I would follow them but it would take me to neither place.

I wonder if these glitches have happened to anyone else. 

Mini Challenge:
Yes, today's mini challenge is another puzzle. 
But it's different and SUPER DUPER HARD.
 This time it is the animal jam logo and is 150 pieces. It was gonna be 300 but then I realized that would probably be to hard to do on a computer.
If you solve it i'd like to know:)

Party Reminder:
Here is the party invitation for anyone who hasn't seen it!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
- Violet

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