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Friday, January 8, 2016

That jamaa journal though....

Hey jammers!
So yesterday I was eating chicken and so my mom called me to her office. 
So I went and then I came back and I noticed there isn't chicken in my container I look down and one of my cats are eating it XD
So yesterday as we all know was jamaa journal update day.... Ya it was HORRIBLE!! Especially for the new year.... Let me explain to you why....

Page 1:
Okay so we have a new den. Its kinda cool but basically is an upgraded version of the ice den we have that is smaller. I knew that would happen! Okay we don't need more big dens like seriously!!!!!!!! I also previewed it and the den itself doesn't seem at its best looking quality...

DOUBLE GEMS! Okay so this is actually helpful we get double gems on every game!
So if your desperate for gems then get some now! Also this is off topic but today I came to school and said hi to my friends they didn't respond, I said hi again, they didn't respond... IM THINKING IN MY HEAD WHAT THE HECK! And then one of them tries to include me in the convo like I have no  idea what your talking about.... Why would I wanna listen? Anyways ya...

Oh a new animal is coming soon! Warning its a goat! 
Okay its nice to add a goat in all but before you add any more animals ADD MORE SPACES FOR ANIMALS CAUSE SOME PEOPLE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH SPACE!
Oh polar bears are also coming back.... YAY.....

Okay we already know about this...

And omg these snow leopards look awful! Well not awful but they are poorly designed its not the body its the had and ears which are really throwing me off...

With the update they also updated the trading system so what I've heard before you accept the trade you confirm so its suppose to help with trust trading which is good!
ive also noticed something else....

Is it me or did they make the colours darker?
It may just be me but I feel like they made the colours darker but I'm not sure... Like the wood colours.
I rate this jamaa journal 1/10 only because yah...

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya on monday or this weekend bye....


  1. Here's what I think:
    Den: No. To Frozen-y, it's not even big, and even if it was, I wouldn't pay diamonds for it.
    Gems: Yey!
    New Animal: Yes, it's a goat. I guess the goat myth will now be coming true ( Even thou it was proven fake).I want more slots too thou. Come ON Aj, at least 4 more!
    Snow Leopards: I love the items, but lol,now that you mentioned how it looks weird, I see a Pet Shop bobble-head toy in that bitty leopard, lol! I think its somewhat cute, though!


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