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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Trading/ trade system infoooo

Hey jammers!
I noticed that I got 2 diamonds today instead of one. Do you think they changed it to members get 2 diamonds now? Or not? If you got 2 diamonds too comment below! Anyways my friends and I got this app called Musical.ly. What you do is you basically mouth the words and sing to it. 
They aren't all songs though... Anyways yaaaaaaaa.

Today we have the returning sun lamp sold in jam mart furniture for 400 gems!
I never really understood the point of these lamps.
Like I know they are the shape of the planet or star but like idk.
Its cool looking though!

I was thinking really hard about this topic today. Well not that hard but yah know what I mean right?
Yup yes you do! XD So I thought why not do a post about trading and the trading system?
Well thats what your getting no matter what's happening...
How much items can you put on your trade?
You can put up to 12 items on your trade.
They can be any items like clothes or den items!(well thats the only type of items we have XD)

How do I trade?
You click on someones player card then click the arrow thing a ma bobber. 
You think will come to this picture which brings me to the next question...

How many items can I offer for an item?
You can put up to 20 items for an item you want.
Meaning you could do an over trade.... If you really wanted to.

So ya that basically explains trading!
If you have anymore questions comment below!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya on thursday! Bye!


  1. I got two diamonds as well! I wondered the same things you do.

    1. Ooo, Musical.ly!! My friends have that! I would have it, but my mom won't let me. Its fun, though!!


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