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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Otterly fat

Hey jammers!
I almost forgot what to do for todays post! Almost I mean I actually did.
Okay so I was reading the comments from the other day and.... I know aj isn't all about collecting and rares all I was trying to say was that it'd be nice to keep a few rares so jammers can collect them since some jammers like to collect rares!! Thats all I was saying....
Anyways lets get that out of my head even though its bugging me... Ya the littlest things bug me don't worry about it though I eventually get over it... Please don't get mad at what  I just said...

Today we have the new giant otter sold in the diamond shop for 1 diamond!
Okay okay okay, THIS IS SOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!
But um.... it looks really fat. like the fatness in the neck is really fat and doesn't make the otter look right.
That would just be like these 2 otters who I found on google images..
Goooooooogle images is so helpful at times! You should really try it out XD
SEE! Its so cuteeeeeeee!!
Like totally cute!
Just like the plushy who is overly fat XD

So today's topic is about buddies!
(just a screenshot from the buddies list since there was no other pic to represent this)
Well everyone should know who a buddy is.
A buddy is a friend on AJ you meet.
You can become their friend by clicking on the tag and pressing the buddy sign with the plus....
Okay so since thats basic stuff I am gonna say things that I kinda hate when your buddy does something....
Okay so...
These are all about saying hi

1. When you jag your buddies and say hi. Their response is either hi... hi. or just ignoring 
(one of my buddies either says hi... or hi. and one always ignores)
2. When you go to your friends den and say and they just ignore cause they are to busy talking to their other buddy
Those 2 things really bug me. So when you choose your buddies make sure they are nice, honest,loyal, friendly and have a bunch of positive things about them!

Just to let you know I am not gonna do the randomness or jamaa news today:( 
I am trying to improve my posts for the new year!

Thats all for today jammers!
If you respect my opinions I respect yours!
See ya on thursday hopefully with a week late jamaa journal!


  1. You're one of those nice, honest, loyal, and friendly buddies I have! :)

  2. Sorry that I commented that. I said that I agreed on your opinion for the other jammers but I don't care about that since I am not much into collecting rares. I respect your opinion but I was telling that about ME, that I prefer buddies over rares and I don't know a lot about rares to even give out my opinion. Sorry that I made you feel bad. Yaaa, I suck. :P
    Nice post and I can relate enough to the buddy part. It annoys me every time... :( You are right about the choosing good friends part. All of my blogger friends (INCLUDING you) are awesome buddies but I should've been careful with choosing the other buddies because my other buddies always ignore me. D:


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