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Friday, July 24, 2015

Using some claws

Hey jammers!
Sorry for the late post. Ive been busy all day 8hrs and 45 mins. 
So ya... I did have to delete a den but I got the bouncy house den for no reason only to bounce on it.

Today we have 2 new items the first is the underwater pool table sold in mani cove  for 700 gems!
I'm glad we are getting more underwater stuff.
Most people don't buy underwater furniture or clothes, I guess its because people are usually on land.

Todays other new item is the koala claw sold in the diamond for 3 diamonds!
I don't usually post a new plushie claw I think at least.
Its kinda funny that this is 2 diamonds cheaper than the bouncy house den.
Which is kinda funny XD XDXDXDXXDXDXD.
I will be using these in the future. No I won't cause I'm not even collecting these.....

Mini challenge
Now I'm hoping all of you enjoyed tuesday's mini challenge.
So today you will have to make a picture using symbols.
You picture may be anything you like.
So lets look at mine as an example.
Okay so this was a picture of a guy with a beard or something.....
Hope you have fun with this!

Fun facts about ocelots
You may have noticed that this week I've been talking about ocelots a lot.
So for you who don't know what an ocelot is here is a picture...
This is an ocelot aren't they cute?
1. Ocelots are 2 times bigger than domestic cats (not to big)
2. Ocelots live rain forests, semi deserts, mountain forests, grasslands and mangroves
3. Ocelots are active for only half a day(12 hours)
4. When ocelots are born they are blind
5. An ocelot is a dwarf leopard

Future items
So today I don't exactly have a unreleased/future item so I have made my own.
It is bubbles!
I think aj will release bubbles one day because we have a few outdoor games so why not have bubbles?
This could be a clothes item or a den item.
Hopefully these will come out soon!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. LL

    This is a wierd person/alien/mutated person

  2. Oh look Ocelots are as big as 2 of my cats... Other is a kitten.

  3. Heya again! Sorry for my inactivness, I was at the beach! Anyway, when I was there, I also found out that the last ocelots in the USA are in Texas! I didn't know there were ocelots on Texas! But it also says they are endangered :( Poor ocelots. I still LOVE ocelots though! Actually, ALL big cats! I even have an ocelot stuffie :)


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