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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Guessing sun

Hey jammers1
Sorry for no post yesterday. I wasn't up to it I was feeling really exosted from the other day. 
So today I bring a enjoyful post. I was gonna post some photography I did yesterday but I thought this post is already gonna be long enough sooooooo yah.

Ok so to start with we have the 3 contestants of the plushie challenge.
Plushie challenge

Ok first up we have:

As you can see there hasn't been any changes from last week.
I don't think, at least.
Remember you have till next week to work on this!
Wow the plushie challenge is almost done:(
We will do this again....


I know you asked me to take a picture before Friday.
I totally forgot:( If this can count as your new plushie challenge den that would be great!

You didn't have your plushie den ready at the time.

I would like to ask if you guys you could have your plushie den open by Friday and change it by the end of the weekend. That way it's easier for me to see:)
Remember you have 1 week more to work on your dens!
Try as much as you can to get a full plushie den.
Like iloppio:)

My opinion
So the other week I asked for suggestions on my opinion.
I didn't do all suggestions cause some didn't relate to AJ and the opinion on the blog one I didn't do that cause it would be kinda hard....
I won't do all I will split into 3 days so today next Saturday and Sunday.

My opinion on spiked stuff this includes:
Collars, wristbands, etc
So I like spiked collars and stuff  but I hate are people are always like I NEEDA A SPIKE COLLAR NOW GIVE IT TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Errrrrr I need it now! My spiked collar got scammed help me!
It gets really annoying. 
Some spiked stuff looks really nice on outfits. 
That was my short opinion.

My opinion on scammers and hackers:
Ok I hate scammers and hackers.
All they ever want is items because they are greedy Jammers.
But what they don't know is that they are making Jammers sad:(
It's actually quite depressing what they do.
I hate them I hate them hate them!!!!

Ok today we have the returning epic sun hat sold in the summer carnival for 2500 tickets!

I've always wanted to get one of these hats. 
I must now! Mwahahahahaha!
Hehehe. I've always thought these hats were cool.

A new contest that has to do with guessing will be here by tomorrow hopefully!
I'm hoping. New blog template should be coming too this week.
 That's all for today Jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. I agree, spiked collars are nice, go with most outfits, and come in some pretty colors, but aren't worth all of the hype and attention that they get.

    Also, I had a better den when I was member for the Plushie Challenge, but I'll just try and spice up my member den for it. ^.^

  2. Oops! Sorry about that Violet. I will change it back! It really hasn't changed but oh well!

  3. Sorry, I had no time to change the den..
    I thought it was spelt Spiked Garbaje.


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