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Monday, July 27, 2015

Stetha scopa

Hey jammers!
I would like if you commented if you read this blog around the week so I can get a good understanding of the viewers? I'm gonna be working on my blogs and stuff tonight (Not the pages sadly:() Just like updating the blog look and maybe pages probably not I am gonna need to use gimp too soooo....
 Yah.... yah yah yah:)

Today we have the "rare" stethoscope sold in the medical centre for 650 gems!
Again another and I mean another recoloured item.
These rare item mondays just get worser and worser and make me mad!
This is another doctors item they are probably doing all the doctors items for rim.
Price range isn't bad which is good. Like the only good thing I said about this item XD.

Rim redo
This didn't exactly turn out as planned.
There was suppose to be blue triangles and grey triangles to the ear parts and the thin that checks your heart rate isn't suppose to look like rudolphs red nose! 
Yes rudolph's red nose. 

Mysterious monday mystery
Last weeks winner was Swirlshine again!
Wow swirl shine is on a rampage for winning 2 weeks in a row;)
The location of the picture for last week was the jamagrams.
This weeks is a bit hard.
Since I think it's hard I will give a hint.
Its in a p____y. Theres your hint. Hehe. Soooo helpful XD.

Mini challenge
Today's mini challenge. Is kinda like last weeks.
What you will have to do is make a sentence about animal jam with your username so for mine as an example:
And for the numbers you will mix them up and put them at the beginning.
And say your lucky numbers: 72861
So ya hope you have fun with this challenge!
I can't wait to see your stories!
Mine was very mixed up.
Oh well what we gonna do about it? :)'

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
Adios amigo!


  1. Oh, and thanks for the gifts Violet! :D

  2. Hi, I read this blog around the week. XD

  3. i read this blog once a day, late at night.

    1. or more, it depends on if your post is there or not.


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