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Thursday, July 23, 2015

A "great" jamaa journal update":)"

Hey jammers!
Today is a jamaa journal update day! Which means the update came late like the past 2 times.
I don't wanna sound mean but this update is the worst!
Please enjoy my hate in this post.
(i am gonna use these lines to separate the intro from the post and maybe all the sections we will see though.)_________________________________________________________

Firstly we got the new bounce house den sold in the diamondshop like always for 5 diamonds!
This is such a rip off.
It costs 5 diamonds because its small and they just removed the store and its the exact same as the party. I might get this i might not I probably will but I don't think I can because ajhq never updates the inventory space! Which drives me nuts..... And everyone.....

Next we have the JAMAALIDAYS IN JULY! For only 3 or 4 days:O!
I'm pretty sure the jamaalidays in july last year stayed for 2 weeks or a month.
And it says "MIGHT". So if it doesn't show up ajhq was being lazy like always and lied to us?

Next we have the battle for the beacon leaving soon....
Im not surprised most jammers didn't like this adventure it was a rip off too.
Can aj actually have an adventure like the phantom portal or something that stays?
Its been over a year since we've got one of those. 

Next we have "new" carnival items like the zoos and mira balloons. 
They have stopped making the new items awhile ago unless they just started again.
And the hyenas are travelling which means we will be getting a new animal soon!
Or hippo or ocelot ocelots are adorable:)

Lastly we have the reminder for the ferret gift cards.
Okay ajhq no need to put this in every jamaa journal there is..

I rate this jamaa journal a -2/10
I will probably get the den if i have space but i don't:)
Today we have the moon balloon sold in the summer carnival for 2225 tickets!
Shouldn't it be facing the other way? It seems a bit awkward.

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!

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