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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Hey jammers!
Tonight sharknado 3 is on! Im so excited!!! EEEEEKKKKK!
Anyways I'm sad because of something that happened yesterday. I will get to that at the end of this post.
Today we have the returning star balloon sold in the summer carnival for 2250 tickets!
I don't exactly have a description for this item.
This is pretty expensive though. Its a balloon!
See look I'm gonna pop it! 

To end this post I'm gonna give a short sentence of why I'm sad. 
If you guys want to hear all my feelings to this and part of the convo please say so in the comments I will tell if not then you can ask me in jamaa if you want...
Okay so yesterday my 2 buddies(not gonna give out users) wanted me to come to there den cause they had to tell me something.
I went to there den and they said they didn't wanna be my friend anymore because I've been to rude to them lately which I haven't. I don't know where they get that "rude" from because we haven't even been hanging out much lately. ERM IM SAD AND FRUSTRATED I ALMOSTED CRIED YESTERDAY! 
So if you want more info on this comment below.

Tomorrow is jamaa journal update day what do you think will come?
I know elephants or armadillos will.
I think we have a new animal coming soon cause whenever an animal on aj goes travelling we get a new one!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow.


  1. :le gasp:
    This is what I would of said if the sun balloon popped:

    Me: :pops balloon:
    WiseOld Man: Nooooooo!
    Wiser Old Man: WE ARE DOOMED!
    Wisest Old Woman: Everyone, evacuate Jamaa IMMEDIATLY!
    Me: What's the big deal?
    Sun: :explodes just like it would have done in 5 billion years or something:
    Phantoms: :put on some groovy shades and say, "Ooooh" before they are obliterated by the sun's deathly flames:

    THE END.


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