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Friday, May 15, 2015

Framed pets

Hey jammers!
I've been quite busy  today watering plants. 6 hrs and 20 mins yup.
So I almost forgot to post I was just like im gonna go on aj for like 2 hours and chill but then I was like oh ya I have to post. So ya.
Moving on..
Today we have a the mechanical picture sold in jam mart furniture for 450 gems!
This is a great add on  to the mechanical furniture set with a few great colour combintions that have some aj pets! 

Mini challenge
Let's check out this cool new mini challenge that I randomly made up!
Today's mini challenge is today with the new buddy game bowling.
What you have to do is play this game as many times you can in a 3 minute period.
If you do it please comment how many times you did it!

Fun facts
Today we will be looking at some  fun facts about emu's!
Fact 1
Emu's have 2 eyelids one keeps dust out and the other is for blinking.
Fact 2
Emu's have tiny wings but a lot of feathers to stablelize them.
Fact 3
Emu's can grow up to 6.5 feet and up to 130 lbs.
Fact 4
A males emu's grunt is similar to a pigs grunt
Fact 5
Emu's need water everyday since there lungs are to help them cool down.
Fact 6
Emu's breed in cooler months.
Fact 7
They eat flowers, berries, grains, insects soft shoots and grubs.
Fact 8
Emu's store a lot of fat in there body which they use when they go to find food.
Fact 9
Emu's can sprint very fast.
Fact 10
Emu's can swim across water just by wandering.
I wish I could copy and paste pics but I can't:(

Last but not least we have..
Future items
You may have heard of the race car bed a few months ago yes. 
This race car was originally found on a jammers trade of the user theobea.
No one knows for sure whether it was hacked in or not but it seems very familar to the princess bed I posted the other week well a few weeks ago.
Let's search the user and see what we get!
The user isn't on so I can't see her trade.
But as I was saying before this item was probably hacked in like the princess bed. Though aj may be releasing these later because they usually do.
We may never know the exact the story behind it but we do know that we may find out very soon!

Guys I have a serious question for you.
Do you enjoy reading my posts are they boring?

Well thats all for today jammers!
See ya!


  1. Emu's swim? I didn't even know that :o

  2. Me neither! I like the Mechanical Picture too,though.

  3. I love your posts! :) And my favorite thing about the pictures is that when you click on them, the animal grows from a baby to a grown animal! :O


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