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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mechanical life

Hey jammers!
Sorry for the late post I was watching and doing stuff. So ya and I'm nitro doing violets drawing just I don't feel like it and I'm not forcing myself.
So yesterday we had the jamaa journal update lets look at it. Which is super early when it's suppose to come out on Thursdays.

So first off the cheetahs have came back from the short period of time. 
Most jammers probably already have a cheetah so ya.

We finally have a new buddy game! Go buddies! This is a bowling game much like on any other sites though it seems pretty fun to me!

We have found the results of the den sets which the winner is the mechanical den set! I didn't actually vote for this one though it looks pretty cool. I'm just starting to decorate with the space den sets whoops I'm behind. But don't worry all the other sets will come out like they usually do;)

Awww no the otters are travelling:( Good bye otters! See ya around:(

You better go and check out the conservation museum with a bunch of neat facts on cheetahs!
Yes the summer carnival will be coming back hopefully they actually have new games this year and new prizes this year!

And just a reminder about the spring bunny which I will be getting in. Like 1-2 weeks!
So this jamaa journal was actually pretty long. I rate it 6/10 yay!

Now let's look at the mechanical future items!

There all pretty much a reasonable price. Though none of the items except one is non embers so far:/.
If this set so happens to basically just be nonmember I'm gonna be a bit disappointed.
But these look pretty good so far!

Today we have the new or returning tulips sold in jam mart furniture for 300gems!

These look pretty lovely for the warm weather we've been getting lately so that's pretty good!

I honestly I just wasted all my gems on the space so I could get the mechanical set!
I still need 3 more space items and I'm out of room on my inventory:( 

Well that's all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow! Which I don't have school since its four day weekend since of the holiday woo hoo!


  1. Hi violet, nice post, i really like this new mechanical furniture, but only one of them is non member. :( they should have the window or the couch cause they do nothing. lol :P WHY DO OTTERS HAVE TO LEAVE?! WHYY!!!!!!!
    have a nice day,

  2. Heya! I agree, this update IS pretty cool! Exceot for the otters... WHYYYYY!? At least the Dragon Egg is nonmember, I LOVE how a baby Dragon hatches out of it!!! I really, so far, like just the Dragon and the Dragon Egg, but overall its okay! Remember to PLAY WILD, Violet!


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