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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Let's talk: Trading system

Hey jammers!
Today's post may be a bit confusing so if you have any questions please comment them down!
So you probably know what I'm talking about by the title but if you don't today I will be talking about the trading  System of how it changed over the many years. But first a bit about it kinda.

When you trade you can trade up to 4 items. 
These 1-4 items will be for whatever item you want. 
The person on the other side will either accept or decline.

Your trade list is able to have up to 12 items on it. 
Meaning whichever items you want. You may want only 4 on it. 
This is what a jammer looks at when they want to trade an item.
To see how you trade there will be a trading symbol on the jammers player card that you click.
Now that you know a bit about the trading system let's. Look at all the changes.

When trading first came out you would get the trade like this whether you wanted to accept it or decline it.
This way lasted from 2011 or 2012-2014(Summer) 
Where it then changed to this way.

In summer 2014 the trading now looked like this when you got a trade request.
You could now see the jammers animal but Im not sure the name I haven't gotten a trade in awhile.
Later in early 2015 we got some new changes to the trade system.

Now when you wanted to trade an item with a diamond on it from the diamond shop this would pop up.

When you wanted to trade a rare item with a rare tag this would pop up.
And that's pretty much all of it!
Hope you enjoyed this. 
Which do you prefer?
I think I prefer the first one a bit more than the newer one just because it seems more easy to understand and is a little bit less complex. Though the other way is more is still I just said I prefer the older one by a bit.

Now for today's new item!
Today we have the new mechanical ottoman sold in jam mart furniture for 450 gems!

I don't even know what an ottoman is DX
But it seems pretty good for a nonmember item! 
Well that's it for today jammers!
Have a nice day and see you tomorrow!


  1. An ottoman is a flat rectangular cushion that you can put your feet on.

  2. Yep! I like the old trade too, BTW, but mainly because:
    1. It showed the usernames
    and 2. It didn't have that glitch with tons of animals behind each other.
    And, nice new banner Violet! Jam on!


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