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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

20 random things about me and this blog

Thanks for the nomination fang! I would like to nominate Xray and Pink! 
1. I have brown hair
2. My hands and feet are small
3. I have a stuffy thats a sting ray named sting wa wa
4. Animal jam is so awesome I could play it every day day for like 10 hours
5. I am weird
6. I have amazing friends
7. My fav colour is purple
8. I got to the middle of the hobbit then gave up 
9. I like music
10. I don't like jello

11. This blog was created for you and me!!!
12. This is blogs name was created on random thoughts 
13. I created to this blog to help jammers
14. I'm hoping by the end of this year we have more then 10000 views
15. I like the smell food
16. My fav food is spaghetti 
17. I am very mean if someone is mean
18. I like to have fun on aj
19. Animal jam legendary Palooza was made in April I think?
20. I JUST DID 20 Random facts about me and this blog!!

Remember pink and Xray when you do this remember to nominate 2 jammers

- vi

Ps I think I know who this anonymous user is that keeps bullying on certain blogs! I think it's taco cat who's doing all this revenge im serious! What did we ever do to him? And also anonymous user who said I acted like a 9 and 10 year old sometimes I'd prefer you'd give out your user I won't do anything bad I promise!!!!


  1. Same here! Except I don't have brown hair, I only got one chapter into The Hobbit, and my feet are not small. XD

  2. I have green hair! Just kidding, when I dye my hair green then it turns green. XD

  3. <3 Aw Vi tank chu :'3 heheh and you sound adorbs! lol o3o *Huggles* and thanks for nomination. :):):):)

  4. Yeah yeah sure. You'll just report me or something. So I'm not doing that.

    1. I won't dude! Just tell me!!! And I have a feeling your taco...

    2. Fine... I am tacocat.. I'm sorry violet for being mean...

  5. I have a feeling he's not Taco Cat

  6. Violet would it be offensive to u if i use my version of Anonymous

  7. Hey everybody since I'm quitting AJ I will be giving away my items. Just tell me your user and the item you want and I will send it to you. Ty, TACO

    1. Haha that's prob a lie!!! You said u were quitting last week and U know what u never did!!!!! And I want a founders and my user is violet86271

    2. I want a beta blanket can we trade though cuz I'm non member my username is preciouspuppy2

    3. Taco do you have a tiki mask? If so I would like that.

    4. Yes I do. Ok, you could have that.
      Ty, TACO

    5. If you have a spike nonrare or rare send it to Jammer3l0fj plz

  8. Ok whenever I'm on just trade me something cheap for something on my trade list. If I don't have anything on it, then tell me and I will put something on. Ty, TACO

  9. Guys that's not the real taco cat read the animal jam whip.
    And if you look carefully, you can see on his blogger account it says he joined since September 2014... :l


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