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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Trapped vortex

Hey jammers!
Sorry for not posting yesterday my dad kicked me off my electronics so I wasn't able to go on aj or update this blog:(
Anyways todays new item the trapped phantom sold in the diamond shop for 1 diamond
This item is a great come back for night of the phantoms! 
Hehe its in cage again im so happy. Well i can tell ajhq is getting jamaa ready for night of the phantoms!

Daily explorer

Ok honestly I forget what im suppose to post today :(
Literally im serious! All I remember is that its trivia day and maybe shout outs?

Anyways jamaa is getting ready for night of the phantoms

i dont feel like doing the other daily stuff so thats all for today
Cya in jamaa


  1. Jamaa looks really cool during Halloween. ^_^

  2. VIOLET! My Sugar Glider made it on the Daily Explorer! It was the Blue one!! Look at my name: Scooter TheOtter!


    1. Yay scooter! It's so cool how that happened before you turned non member! I saw your den by the way! It looks really cool!
      See you in jamaa!

    2. WHOOOOOOOOOOO GO SCOOTER! congrats! Do u get some sort of plaque for that?

    3. No, I didn't get anything, but it was great that AJHQ noticed me!


    4. Wait, I just got something today! It is an AJHQ Plaque, YAY! ^o^


    5. I'll trade you 3 betas and a good rare for it? Please?


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