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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Phantom pollution

Hey jammers!
Todays new returning item is the phantoms cage thing!
This item is sold in the diamond shop for 1 diamond
 Aren't you glad there is such things as trapped phantoms? Now you can trap them up for as long as you want then no more phantoms! A lot of returning phantoms items are coming back for night of the phantom. I can't wait!
Epic den of the week

Todays epic den is feming's den. I chose this den because she had a lot of nonmember stuff and it was a great den design too! Remember to send in a epic den to violet86271aj@gmail.com

Out fit of the week
Todays items is just and eyeball! The point of the outfit is to be an eyeball. See havent you ever wanted to be an eyeball? LOL lets all be eyeballs!

And lastly with a daily explorer post...
Daily explorer

PS: To that anonymous user... Im sorry if im being mean right now but when you said in the comments that I sometimes act like a 9 or 10 year old that hurt my feelings... And if you think its by sometimes when I post well I try to post with some humour. So if you don't like my humour then just keep your words to your self :) PLEASE AND THANK YOU!


  1. Violet, you think the Anonymous commenter was rude? Go on the RATH, and look at the comments of the "wootmoo the hacker" post! *Sighs* I'm so sorry, Violet. I think there is one person who is behind all of this impersonating, swearing, and bullying. And I think I know who the person is...

    1. Most of the comments are removed.. but i wonder who though.

    2. I can't believe that Anonymous on the RATH would say that Violet is stupid, and that her grammar is horrible! And the Anonymous said that Violet acted like a 2 year old! They said more very mean things. That is so rude and mean! I'm glad somebody deleted them though.

    3. Omg the person said that!!!!! I'm glad I didn't see those comments

  2. great post! i want to know who is being mean to you right now, so i can report them on animal jam!
    PS you do not act 9 or 10! and if you do, your just having fun!
    PPS i am not that mean anonymous!


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