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Friday, June 27, 2014


Hey jammers!
Sorry for not posting for a few days :(
Well anyways here is the jamaa journal from yesterday with comments underneath
 Lol pets giraffes are so cute I wish they were for nonmembers
 This is the biggest and awesomest den yet theres about 10 stairs, 5 rooms, a cave and a path and even a secret island for eagles
 Well its to bad that lions are endangered I never had to get one oh well 
Freedom party is back todays new item was a freedom raccoon wish I didn't have any time to get to the party for a pic
 Now theres a hardmode of bubble trouble so exciting and you can also get to this by bahari bay
 Im so glad rhinos are coming back cuz now I can finally have all the 1000 gem animals
 Make sure you get to epic wonders because all the clothes is on sale and the acessory contest is due by the 30th. Have you entered yet?
 So I know on wednesday the item was a basketball hoop the basket ball with it looks identical to the beta basketball
 The new straw hat from yesterday is 450 gems I suggest you don't wear it on bunnies you can't see there face but its fun to do it

Jammer of the month sign ups!
So today until the 29th you can sign up for jammer of the month
All you need is...
- Username
- Status
- reason
Username: Violet86271
Status: Nonmember
reason: I love this blog so much

Thats all you need!!!!!



  1. <3 I love the update Violet nice background X3 I hope you post soon. I'm sure everyone will miss you c:> even if it is for a few days anyway lol

  2. Only one diamond short from buying the crystal den. :(

    1. but it's amazing and worth every penny (or diamond)

  3. I have the crystal den and it's AMAZEBALLZ :3


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