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Saturday, June 28, 2014

lolli sign up please

Hey jammers!

Todays new item isn't a new item but it came back to the summer carnival im gonna describe it
It is yummy
it is candy

Can you guess what it is?
Its a lollipop necklace
 Its 2000 tickets

This may be scary for some of but if this is the real fman watch out!
 Fman128 has the name fman in it which sadly means make sure if you get mail from him delete it don't open it unless you wanna get hacked! Ive actually noticed that there is a lot of people copying fmans style im not sure if they are fman but I did see someone say hello! from the bubble chat and he looked exactly like him also I was on aj earlier on my ipad and when I went on someone was in my den for like a second then went out i dont know who it is it kind of freaked me out just make sure that if you see any rumours of new fmans block him to be safe! Also a lot of people have been hacked lately I dont think jammers are hacking that much lately thats just ruining the fun on aj it might just be aj hq trying to miss around with you im just tell you this jammers so you can stay safe!

It is shout out day!

Today I would like to ive a shout out to seahorses10 she is really a nice friend she will do whatever you want her to do and I just like to say thanks seahorses!


Thats all you need if you win you will be added to my JOTM tab when I make one and you will get a prize too!
So please sign up!



  1. Hey I wanted to check out ur blog I'm humdinger41 I comment on scooter's blog? Ur blog is awesome!

  2. Btw I want to try for jammer of the month
    Username: humdinger41 (please don't make fun of it like lots of people do :I)
    Reason: I like helping new jammers and making friends
    Status: on vacation only can comment on iPad so no flash player :( will accept buddy requests in jam a grams from new jammers and jammers looking for friends ^o^


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