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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Might be late post or no post:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  Hey jammers I'm really sorry but I don't know when I can go on aj today I probably will just have a very late post:) It's not because I'm busy cause I'm not it's just my brother is using her computer and I usually post on his computer:) 

Anyways Iot my nat geo kids magazine the other day:) And I'm gonna take a few pictures of it that might be really curious!!!!

So the first

I got some cards when my brother was younger he got these and guess what he has some cards he has all the alphas and it's when they were from beta days! Or old jamaa?
Amd on the back they have facts about the animals

There was also this and the guide book came out here's a close look
 And the answers!!!

I also found this interesting

We all know that when the new underwater adventure came out there was an otter glitch if aj did that then this might be clue theres a background picture of the otter does this mean that otters might be coming actually
 Comment what u think 

- violet

PS tomorrow's my last day of school and the last with one of my bffs ever at my school because it's her last day going to this school:( 


  1. I never knew Animal Jam had a magazine o.0 interesting... lol

  2. It's bit animal jams magazine it's national geographic kids magazine


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