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Monday, September 3, 2018

Superhero Rim+Poll Results

- Daily Item
- Rim Redo
- Poll Results
- Q&A (and plushie challenge)
Hey jammers!
How are you all today? 
Unfortunately, today is my last day of summer.... which means...
I ...
This means there will obviously be less posts. I mean I guess this past year I wasn't really doing daily posts but only about 1-3 per week. Though this semester should hopefully have more posts since of my fairly easier courses compared to second semester. But honestly let's not worry about that now. 
The other day I got a hair cut at literally basically 6:30 in the morning. Then I finished school shopping. Got a new pencil case. I am all set for tomorrow:D

Anyways let's get on with today's post because it is already almost 9:00 at night .

Daily Item:
Today we have the rare super hero mask sold in jam mart clothing for 975 gems!
I actually really like this item. It kinda seems more unique I guess, if that is the right word?
The colours are also nice and a good combination I find. Though the price could be lowered a couple hundred.  

Here is what it looks like on a pig:
It looks a little funny around the eyes XD
Rim Redo:
I don't exactly feel like this week's rim does need a redo but I am going to do one anyways for the fun of it:)
So I made the face a bit more of a brighter blue. The orange lightning strikes got turned into a yellow. The mask part was changed to black and has a cool design added!

Which one do you prefer?

Poll Results:
Okie okie guys! Finally doing poll results on the last day of summer:D I think I was actually planning on doing these results like in july, but as you and I can obviously see, that didn't exactly go as planned...

So let's check out the results for the polls!
So I guess the howl of the week is now the howl of the month. Due to 58% of people voting yes and 8 voting no. Though I must admit it's actually quite close to a tie so maybe it will be howl of the week but with a different title cause to be honest howl of the week was never exactly every week XD

Most people voted the top answer with 7 votes. So I will sometime soon make a list of all the topics that we have had on the blog, and I will choose which ones on the days that I do post. I will also add new ones too. This will kinda be fun for a change actually.

Apparently Greely is the most favourited animal jam character ! I must admit he is my favourite alpha as well. Sadly no one likes cosmo or zios either. Sorry you two DX XD

Turns out most people have dogs. Apparently no one cats, rabbits or bunnies, and lizards. A lot of people have other, I wonder what the other animals are.

I will have to add some new polls soon and work on this stuff for the blog, when I get a chance hopefully sometime this week?

Q&A+Plushie Challenge Reminder:
Im doing a Q&A, if you would like to comment down some questions for me please visit this post (as well for more details):

Also please try to enter the plushie challenge. I have been holding these entries for about a month now and still have only received two entries. Now with school starting for everyone though, people probably won't be able to do it much which is why I wanted to the challenge in August. But of course I only got 2 entries so please enter! 

Here is the link to the post to enter:

That's all for today jammers!
See ya soon:)


  1. I just realized a few days ago AJ removed howls from the game...

    Cool re-do, good job making that... Lol.

  2. Lol also I haven't done any shopping for school and my hair's weird, Imma just walk in with all my stuff from last year and hope it works out lol.

  3. I like the concept of your rim redo version better. Rip school.

  4. Woah, the RIM was good this time :o I like your redo better then the actual thing!


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