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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Plushie Challenge Has Returned

Hey jammers!
I apologize for not posting much these past few weeks. My internet's gbs was used up within 2 weeks cause we got a new plan which we have to upgrade. So it was taking forever to load the page. There is one more month left of summer, sad to think that it is already half gone. I don't remember where I last left off with my interesting things that I have done. So I guess we shall just get on with the post.

Plushie Challenge Sign Ups:
A few months ago I had asked if any of you would like to do the plushie challenge again or would be interested in doing the challenge. Most of you said you don't have enough space on AJ to do it. Instead I thought, well if that is the case then why not make it able so you can use a backup account or make a new account to do this challenge?  

Also incase you were wondering what the plushie challenge is...
Basically you collect as many plushies as you can in a certain period of time ( about a month) and you put the plushies in your den. Each week I will be doing a check up on all the dens to see if any more plushies have been added and basically how much has been added. 
So in the end the goal is to try to have the most plushies out of everyone in the competition. 
If you need another den to place your plushies you can create one too and let me know. 
There will be more details when the competition actually starts.

Here is the form if you are interested in doing the challenge:
- Username
- Account that will be doing the competition (dont forget you can create a new one if needed)
- Status of account

So there you have it! I don't plan on waiting super to get these entries because I would like to do it through out the month of August, before school starts up again.

I hope to see you all enter this fun challenge!!

Well thats all for today jammers!
This post was initially going to have another portion to it, but I just realized I didn't take a screenshot before it was changed, and that the file didn't save properly, and everything was made on the same layer... Hopefully I will have that to you guys by Sunday... (lets hope because I have been meaning to post this since forever.

Once again sorry for the shorter post! I will try for a longer post tomorrow because of the update.

See ya later:)


  1. Username is q1zx, my account that will be doing it is q5zx, and they are nonmember, but my main is member if a member account is needed.

    This sounds cool...

    1. Thanks so much for signing up Q:) More details will be coming soon!

  2. Ooo! I 'm gonna think about this. I've been collecting plushies lately so maybe

  3. ME ME please
    Backup user: Ajisweird
    I love collecting plushies

    I already have a plushie account by the username: mysterygiver1o1


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