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Friday, August 3, 2018

Jamaa Updateeeee that I dont know what to call+Plushie challenge sign ups+important message?

- Jamaa Journal
- AJ game message...(very important?? id appreciate it if you read it)
- Plushie Challenge sign ups reminder
Hey jammers!
How are you all doing this fine sunday evening? 
Well for starters my Friday was actually pretty good. I didn't have to volunteer which was nice though I have to next week. I read today, read my magazine, did a little organizing in my room finished the art commissions for Transions. (Gotta make sure I post those tomorrow or sunday XD) Then I coloured a bit in my adult colouring book. I must admit, colouring is a good stress reliever, like people say it. So yeah, basically a pretty productive day for me at least:D
I'd love to hear what you jammers have done today in the comments.
Also, so on blogger there is a feature that shows pictures from this blog that you can add back and there is a specific section for that so today it turns out all of that was removed, it still is in the google album archives though which is nice:D But on the  bright side, though blogger actually let me copy and paste an image from the web or whatever without needing to insert it as a link. Which is great:D 

Anyways, let's get on with yesterday's update, shall we?

Jamaa Journal Update:
First off we have this weekends wild weekend:D It is waterslide summer themed. So you can basically make a waterpark I guess. Remember when I said they should add a waterpark party or items or something? I wonder if they got that idea from this? Ill give more feedback on these items later in the post when I show the items!

The stone seemed to be a new alpha apparently non binary. Although I am not exactly sure what non binary means... XD Well here go, we have another hero to add to AJ's collection!!

The crystal palace has returned. The den actually doesn't look that big from the picture. 

Tiki trouble is back as well. It was apparently getting lots of demands to bring it back. I remember playing this adventure actually and feeling kinda frustrated trying to find all the stuff. It'd be nice if all these seasonal adventures stayed in one spot all the time and never left. I feel like that would give jammers more stuff to do...

The school house party is back. (all the items are member except nonmembers which get the globe of the earth...) Reminder about back to school. I don't need all these back to school reminders, I still have like a month left AJ XD

A new coyote is coming known as the autumn coyote. This should be cool to see with the patterns. The picture actually makes it look kinda pretty.

Here are the wild weekend items:

I like these items and I am happy that almost half of them are nonmembers. But how come the nonmembers don't get any of the water slide items? Like how do you except nonmembers to make their own water slides if they don't have the items. AJ you could have at least given us a boring one or just the straight one so we could make our own waterslides. 

It'd be cool if one day we could interact with the items. I bet you lots of jammers would be interested in that. I know I would be:D 

Message about AJ(read please, its a bit important):
Recently within the past few days to weeks I have noticed that youtubers and aj bloggers mainly aj bloggers though have been starting to lose interest in the game because it is starting to get boring because not much new content is added to the game like stuff to do and the updates are apparently boring. They are also deciding whether or not to blog anymore. I am not being specific with anyone here I am just saying in general. 

My opinion about the game and what is happening:
 I have noticed that the game is starting to get boring. I am not going to say 100% boring because that is not true. AJ isn't adding as much content as they used too. Well actually not any at all really with things to do that are new and aren't just returning every year. I do agree that the population is starting to die down and AJ is starting to lose it's spark. I have noticed less people in the lands. Maybe this is because the older generations are losing interest, probably due to the content reason or because as you get older you usually start to get more priorities, and school gets harder making you less busier. Though I must admit there is younger people still joining the game. Im sure there is A TON of people out there feeling the same way as some of us bloggers are or are the same age bracket as most of us playing the game that are 12-13 years+. In fact I can guarantee you that. 
But back to the content. I haven't been finding the jamaa journals super bad, maybe because I don't care for them as much as I used,  I mean they still do give me a little bit of excitement to see what is coming in store. But when has there actually been good updates in awhile? Not for the past few years. But usually when we do get bad updates we do get a good update eventually. There will be a light to this tunnel eventually some day this year. Maybe this year AJHQ wanted to focus on the lore of the game more than actual content because there hasn't been much lore added recently.  

Come on though we can't say we get super bored of the game though because we just don't do all the opportunities the game has to offer. Most of us usually go to make masterpieces. But when was the last time a den was decorated? Or an animal? How about playing an adventure? or what about a game? Trading? Making masterpieces? Roleplaying? Exploring the lands? Making gems? It does get boring doing those after so many years, but maybe once we do those things again that we haven't done in awhile the game will be more fun!! Also most of bloggers are on the google hangouts for the bloggers so there is no need to go on AJ to talk to many buddies since that is a key thing that some of go on to do.

Im not sure guys but I am sure there will be a good content feature coming this year. 
I still enjoy playing animal jam even if I have been playing it for the past 5 years. I must admit it does get kinda boring at times with nothing to do but, just because of that doesn't mean I am going to quit blogging and playing the game because it bores me sometimes. Yes there is other things I enjoy doing in life instead sometimes. Maybe, I still enjoy this game because its a game I fell in love with the first day I played it or because this past year I had high school and only got time to go on it a few times a week. I don't exactly do all those activities I mentioned above earlier but it is fun to do once in awhile. 

Anyways, I guess what I am trying to rant on about here is that just because there isn't new content and stuff being added doesn't mean you have to quit the game entirely or blogging. Like I said before, how often do we actually get awesome updates? Not often and when we do everyone gets excited all over again. 

Don't worry I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. Even if I did leave it would not be a definite good bye I would still come post to say hi every few months or whatever, i don't wanna think that far because it always makes me sad thinking about that stuff so yeah...

I don't really know what I am trying to point out here but yeah. If you made it this far into the rant I congratulate you:D 

(I feel like the AJ blogging community is gonna lose half its people soon and everyone is gonna quit at the same time just because of the game content theory and other stuff, plus some don't know what to post about... The reason why I usually know what to post about is because I make topics that would be fun....) 

Plushie Challenge Sign Ups:
Don't forget to sign up for this challenge! If you click the plushie challenge tag below this post there is kinda what the challenge is like, well atleast like it was 3 years ago... XD 
For more information, please check the post below this one, titled "The plushie challenge has returned" the comment form and stuff is in that post.

Also the challenge doesn't officially start until everyone has entered! I would like atleast 3 people to enter this challenge if they can:D 

Well thats all for today jammers!!
See ya soon:)
- Violet
(Be prepared for a new signature tomorrow:D)


  1. Thinking about this stuff makes me sad too.
    :( Everyone is slowly leaving. I still love AJ alot, and sure sometimes I'm kinda "meh" feeling about it but I do sometimes about everything. One thing that can really get you back into it is going a long time without membership and not playing it as much, and once you get membership again you can't stop. Well that's kinda what happened to me at least. :P and lots of times I'll just get a sudden urge set AJ goals, Like trying to trade for a certain super rare item, Or getting the full sets of plushies. Lots of things! But I'm just scared that what if I start leaving too..? :( just wake up someday and I'm done. And all this "quitting boring AJ" atmosphere makes me worry and sad, And hearing all the bad things about this game can kinda ruin it for you. I'm not trying to blame anyone. It just makes me unhappy seeing everybody leave so soon it feels. And worry that what if I'm next. I think I just need to ignore these "quitting" kinda posts. I dunno, But I 'm still going strong of loving AJ. Just gotta ignore the bad stuff and just enjoy the fun of the game. :P get me to stop thinking about sad stuff.

    1. I agree. It's scary. I remember back in 2014 when you could look at a few dozen different blogs for DAILY content and now there's like a dozen blogs and that's it.

      Also, all the AJ ripoffs I used to play, EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. Is gone. Animal Jam really has to step it up before too many people quit.

    2. AJ needs to step it up for nonmembers too because so many people are quitting.

    3. Yeah, it makes me sad too Talloose:( I agree Q!

  2. Yesterday... I did literally nothing, lol. You know, I don't reveal that much about myself online, but I guess... I had a violin lesson and I wrote a bit.

    Super cool to see a post from you again!

    Um, at the schoolhouse party, nonmembers do get a globe, but they also get some "Graded Papers", so then you can be reminded of what you're missing out on this summer...

    Hey, look at that, I'm not the only one to criticize the Autumn Coyote. Lol. I don't really like the concept, but I feel they're actually going to have a cool pattern...

    I know nonmembers get no waterslide items... That's annoying. But I don't think anyone can afford them because they cost diamonds and not gems anyway.

    Interacting with the items, that's cool. Maybe if there was a way to connect the waterslide parts, like they magnetically linked and then you could actually go on it...

  3. I do see this common trend of Bloggers quitting, we just lost the Animal Jam Whip... Hopefully there's new Bloggers. Okay, so I was absent from Animal Jam for quite a while and so it's still a bit fresh for me... But truly, most of the time I log onto Animal Jam... What is there to do?

    There are still things to do if you get a bit creative, you know, even just entering random people's dens and saying BLEH before leaving is a little entertaining, but frankly... Okay, a small story...

    I went to some wolf's den about a month ago and he said he was giving away his green long. He sat down in his den and said, "Okay, this is actually a scam... I'm bored."

    Go to Coral Canyons in Aldan, or Brady's Lab, go find the rich people, and you'll find quite a bit of people who are bored. You see Lilacpetal, Julian2, Aparri, bored with the game, and similar games to Animal Jam, Club Penguin, Fantage, Panfu, I don't know if you know any of these but they're gone...

    Also, Animal Jam is very frustrating when you're not rich as you don't know how to get rare, and when you are rare you're kind of bored... I mean, you can always get rarer, but once that gets boring there's not a lot to do. I mean, the other day I was WATCHING AJ VIDEOS. WHO DOES THAT?

    The thing is, starting a new blog has given me a lot of new ways to look at AJ, and I can make Guides to adventures, parties, and document stuff... But you've already done that, I think. You have all these pages along the side...

    I guess I am a bit worried. There was a time where there were blogs like the Animal Jam Sky Blog and Spirit Blog where there would be a dozen comments guaranteed each time, and blogging is kind dead now. I think there's a switch in generations... And the next generation is starting to step up. Hopefully they start blogging and making videos as well. There have been a few blogs that have come up, and there are many AJ YouTubers who are starting out...

    I do think it lands on AJ to keep the game interesting. There are games where the creators don't update that often, but the game is interesting enough to where people keep playing it anyway. AJ sort of has that, I think people will always play it, but the amount will vary...

    There are a few things AJ could add... But there are some things that AJ could put a lot of effort into that wouldn't do that much, like... Adding a new land. That would be cool, and many people would like that, and it would help for a little bit, but in the long run, it wouldn't do that much. Balloosh is dead. Adding Masterpieces, that was a good idea by AJ... But why do we go on AJ? What can we do? They could add an item called 'Rare Item' and say it's never coming back and it only exists one day, and then people would go nuts and we could track how rare it gets. Or... There's actually a lot of cool things in adventures... No one does adventures but they're cool... I haven't done them all but the few I have are amazingly well done. Huh. THEY SHOULD PROMOTE BLOGGING... Unnghhh... What else could AJ do to make it interesting? They do need fresh, new items, and updates, they don't just need a new animal, or a new land, which would be cool, but they need some new aspect of the game... I don't know. We'll see where this goes...

    Happy to know you're not going anywhere anytime soon. And like you said in your rant, if you read all this, thanks.

    1. Yup, I agree on this so much. Someone should make a petition XD

    2. Also thanks for the many comments today:D

  4. I've personally found these summer updates a little lackluster, but I attribute that more to AJHQ people being on vacation or something.

    Just because there have been some particularly empty updates doesn't mean that things are going downhill.

    There have been many highs and lows in the history of AJ, but it hasn't just been a downward slope since beta.

    There have been really cool times, and really boring times, but just cuz we're in a boring phase doesn't mean it'll stay that way forever.


  5. Juno is non binary,oof. I have nothing against LGBTQ people, but it goes against what I believe entirely. Also you're and Doomy's and Lost's blogs are really, really, cool!

    1. Aww thank you for the comment:) I’m glad you enjoy my blog, I hope to see you on here more often! Yeah, about the Juno thing, I respect your opinion.


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