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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Cotton Candy Machine Combinations/Choices

- Daily item
- Cotton Candy Choices
- Howl of the week
Hey jammers!!
I apologize for not posting this week much or if any time at all. I got carried away with school which kept me busy, I had to study for science and work on a geography project. I few things in life also got in the way. Then on thursday was my dress rehearsal. Friday was my recital and other recital on saturday for dance. I messed up in my jazz dance on friday at one part which stressed me out and then threw me off for another part, lyrical was actually fine that day. Then on saturday for lyrical i think some of us were doing things faster than others, not sure though, then for jazz I messed up at the beginninging a bit because I think I forgot a move then I think the timing was off a bit too it wasn't our best weve done with that dance but it was okay.  I wish i could have compared those two dances though, but my mom didn't come so no one could record, I mean my dad could of but hes not a very techy guy so um yeah... Oh well though, I mean my friend said no one in the audience knows the dance, and my next year people will probably have forgotten at least in the audience. For some reason I always mess up in jazz though and I am not sure why... Oh well!!

Anyways, enough talking let's get on with this post!!

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning flapper hat sold in jam mart clothing for 600 gems!
This hat has actually never really been my favourite. But now looking at it once again, I feel like it could be a good item for some outfits!

Here is what it looks like on seals:
Actually not to bad. I kinda like it on a seal!
Howl of the week:
Last time I asked...
What is your opinion on the ancient features coming to the game, for example the ancient animals?

Unfortunately no one commented down their responses for the howl, so you guys have once again another week...:)

Cotton Candy Choices:
I know quite a few blogs have already posted these new cotton candy combinations already, but I have been wanting to since like a little bit after the update. So here are the new cotton combinations from summer carnival!!
 This is actually like my first time trying these combinations. Also thanks to AJ WIKI for letting me know how to do all these and of course all the other AJ blogs that have posted these XD

Normal Phantom
Cone: White
Colour Combo: Black, white, black

King Phantom  
Cone: Star
Colour Combo: Black, white black

Cone: White
Colour Combo: White, orange, yellow

Cone: Pink heart
Colour Combo: Pink, pink, pink

Cone: Star
Colour Combo: Yellow, yellow, yellow

Cone: Lightning strikes with blue
Colour Combo: Blue, yellow, pink 

The sun
Cone: Star
Colour Combo: Yellow, yellow, yellow

The Moon
Cone: Moon
Colour Combo: White, blue, white

If I am missing any cones I apologize. 
Hope you enjoyed finding out all those combos, if you didn't know them from before.

I hope I can post tomorrow, because there was a few things I wanted to post today, but wont be able to get to because the laptop is at 11% So I am really hoping I don't have any homework.
That's all for today jammers!
See ya soon (hopefully tomorrow)!!


  1. Hey, this is cool, I hadn't seen all of the combinations... Wait, how do you respond to the howl?

  2. *facepals*
    Arghhh SO SORRY I HAVEN'T BEEN COMMENTING LATELY VI D: The flapper hat is so cute XD

    Answer to howl: I don't really know, its cool and weird!


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