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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Spring Time AJ Photography Edits

- Daily item
- Weekly Masterpiece
- Photography Edits
Hey jammers!
I honestly wish days were long like I have mentioned before. Like due to science I haven't had much time to do stuff cause I am doing a review for the science test on friday even though she said we don't have to, so I am kinda getting stressed...  Anyways.... Im getting closer and closer to finishing my book so yay:) Though I wish I could go to a art store to get some green 3doodler plastic for an idea. But I guess I wont be doing that until march break:( Oh well! So anything happening in your guys life? Anything interesting? Hmmmmm....

Let's get on with the post shall we?

Daily item:
Today we have the returning leprechaun hat sold in jam mart clothing for 300 gems!
What a cute little top hat! 

Here is what it looks like on foxes:
A tad bit big isn't it? That is correctXD
Weekly Masterpiece:
This week's masterpiece goes to...

Congrats on your getting your masterpiece featured!
I love all the colours and the textures. The animal also looks really cool. Great job:)

AJ Spring Photography Edits:
So today I decided to some more photography photos since I didn't really feel like doing jamaa explorations. So I decided to choose a couple flowers for the pictures from Jamaa Township. 

I also came across this little ladybug as well. 
So yeah:) Thats what happened with those! The one with the white flowers I feel if it was in real life could have a nice cute filter added to it for a nice picture with a quote! 
So yeah there you have it:)

Which one is your favourite?
Anyways... Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon:)


  1. The lady bug is suuuu cute
    But I think the first one is my favorite! ^.^
    *Husky Ninja


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