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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Catch Up

Hey jammers! 
About almost a week ago, I had posted that the new blog look/template was almost finally done. I decided today once I finished my homework since I didn't have much, that I would add the minor changes. Now the the page header at the top isn't exactly 100% clear but its about 95% clear. Though that doesn't matter much. I hope you guys enjoy this new template and updated pages. Which reminds me I have to add red pandas to one of the pages:O Though thats not that urgent and the ummmmm new thing in zios which I can't think of its proper name at the moment. Anyways.
I really hope you guys like it!!  (also gotta work on that story)

Now my school life update....
This week and basically this whole school semester so far you can probably tell that I haven't had much time to post at most a few/a couple times a week. In english we now have 2 books we have to read, and 1 has a test on each section of the book basically every week so thats basically 1/4 read of that book every week, almost I think one week we actually have 2 tests on it. The other book we have to have at least half of it read by December 1, so basically 2 weeks. That means lots of homework cause we are gonna be getting assignments for those as well. This may or may not result in less posts though it may stay the same, cause I have kinda been weekend posts. On top  of that, I have to make time for myself to do things that I enjoy doing like blogging, drawing, reading (not a school book). Though the book for the ISU, the librarian chose for me and it sounds really good so if I like it I will read the second book. Anyways....
Next semester there will probably be more posts, considering I have science, geography, art and tech.
My sister says that in science and geography there shouldn't be daily homework which is good but, those 2 subjects I gotta study hard for since they require lots of info. Then tech, you can't really exactly have much homework for that unless there is a quiz and then art my sister said that you basically have to draw for homework which is an awesome homework. Who doesn't agree?

Okay, now the contests have ended thank you to all who have entered. Unfortunately we only got one giveaway entry and 100 000 pageviews entry but a few acrostic poem entries:)
 I have to post those entries and decide the winners sometime soon, and take up the poll results sometime soon as well. Tomorrow I am hoping to post and that will probably be the jamaa journal update from today. 

Once again sorry for not a proper post. I have things to say and I have to go now.

Anyways, hope you guys have a good rest of your day:)
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon!!
- Violet

PS. Hope I didn't forget to say anything here I ordered a onesie from a youtuber called Laurdiy cause they got restocked and it was the last time you could get it forever except I had to get the medium so it may be big on me that was because they ran out of small and I really wanted it XD

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