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Sunday, November 19, 2017


- 100 000 pageviews contest and giveaway results
- November's Legendary Paloozian
- Poll results
Hey jammers!
This post was literally gonna be the contest results but then I forgot about the LPOTM for november and its the 19th. Then I thought, I might as well post the poll results as well so then thats out of my way.
So yesterday I went to a mall and so I got a new pair of fuzzy socks and they are really cozy and they have a porrcupine or hedgehog on the side, but I got a small hole them today already! I also got a showergel and perfume and a elephant sponge, oh and some ear muffs. I wanted to get a pair of boots except I didn't want to spend 45+ and every where she checked did not have them for cheaper so I put it on my christmas list. I also read more of the fevercode today and boy, that part I read today was INTENSE. Wooooo. I have an english test on Tuesday so wish me luck, cause I suck at english and tests about books.
Anyways, OH YEAH, animal crossing pocket camp might be coming out on Tuesday which is so exciting.

Let's get onto today's post cause I have limited time.

100 000 page views contests and giveaway results:
How about we start off with the acrostic poem contest results first since most people entered that one.
Acrostic Poem
This one is from Snowlondon:
One hundred percent epic
On da job!

I love it, it has many cheerful words. Thanks so much! 

This one is from Sarahkey8:
Always full of info!
Never boring!
Infinitely fun!
Max level of awesomeness!
An AMAZING blog!
Lovely post!
Just the thing to make you happy!
A blog full of info
Much to everyone's delight!

Listen to me!
Everyone knows how
Good this blog is!
Ever faithful!
Never failing!
Delight in AJ
And very fun!
Rocking this world
You got to love it!

Planned out to the full
Always amazing
Oooo a new post!
And more more! 

It sounds great, I love all the words you used:)
Thank you!

And the last entry for the acrostic poem contest which is from....
I love the graphics you added to this, it made it look really cool!
Thanks a lot!!

Okay and now the winner for this contest is....

Congratulations! I can trade you your prize, next time we are both on:)

Also I hope I didn't miss anyones entry, if I did I am super sorry.

Design anything 100 000 page views related
Unfortunately we only got one entry for this contest so I guess that means only one winner!
The entry for the contest came from Transions:

She decided to make a door hanger (I think thats what they called).
Anyways, this is really creative! It looks so cool!

Congrats on winning this contest Transions!!
I will trade you your prize next time we are both on at the same the time.

Finally... We have the...
Once again only one person entered this contest.
Which was....


Unfortunately since I am currently nonmember and didn't get a chance to redo that masterpiece so it would get approved. I decided that I will post that image here again, and you can save it to your computer or however you want and anyone who wants to save it and put it on their blog can have it as well, though if you do put on your blog or do save it please let me know in the comments!
Here is the image once again:
Ah no! I just noticed that you can hardly seen the E on the screenshot.
I guess we will just have to pretend the E is more visible!

Well thats a wrap of the contests and giveaways! 
I guess we will have to wait and see when the next contest or giveaway or fashion show(maybe) will be! For now though you can continue to support this blog, with out all those contests XD

Poll Results:
Here is the poll results for the latest polls on this blog...
It turns out that most jammers like winter and fall as their favourite season on animal jam.
I would have to agree with winter, I think. Though it looks like not to many people like summer on AJ XD Poor summer.

4 people said they would enter and looks like we did get 4 different entries!!

Legendary Paloozian Of The Month:
Okay here we finally have November's Legendary Paloozian...
This month paloozian is....

I actually did realize that I could be doing the howl of the week right now but I have decided to not to and to give it another week since I am not sure anyone even commented last time so you never know. If you would like to comment a howl for the latest one you can do you can try to find that by either searching at the top of the blog or finding the label on the side of the blog!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya around Jamaa:)

1 comment:

  1. Oooo! I won! :0 Thank you so much, Vi!!!! :D

    Congrats to Ja and Transions too! And to Sarah for getting to be the LPOTM!


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