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Friday, October 27, 2017

Jamaa Journal+ 15 random facts about me tag+world of jamaa tag

- Life Update 
- Jamaa Journal Update
- All around Jamaa Tag
- 15 random things about me tag
- 100 000 page views celebration tag
Heyyo Heyyo Heyyo. Jammers Jammers Jammers.
I IS BACK ONCE AGAIN! I forget why I didn't post on Sunday I think I ran out of time.. I would have posted on Monday but I was busy changing the template of my non aj blog sooooo. 
My membership was suppose to be ended today, but not yet so! According to a friend of mine on here, they expire the time you bought them so that may be soon though I thought I bought mine like an hour before? Oh well we will have to wait and see! I am kinda excited to be nonmember again so. 
Currently one of cats is sleeping on me while I type this post. I have lots to say so this will be a long introoooooo:P (see the lots of o's there XD Heheeeeeee) 
So this week I had a math test, which I can never finish on time its a good thing I have math right before the lunch though... And then we started to read Midsummer Night's Dream, except we started off with a grade 2 version cause on Tuesday we are getting tested on the content of the story and we also made this venn diagram with all the characters cause there is like 3 different types. We have to know that too. Then we got the book today and we have to read the summary before each act/scene starts in the book. We were also watching the movie too to understand the content of the story better. I also have like 2 french tests next week as well since we just finished a unit. But then I have take your kids to work day on wednesday so I miss a day of school:D So yeah 3/5 nights I have studying plus on halloween I am volunteering after school soooooo. Basically 4/5 nights of my week are booked let's not forget dance on wednesday included with my studying ( good thing for that take your kids to work day or else id be up till 10:00-11:00). So yeah. Now I have this game on my phone called clawbert and so its a claw where you can collect kawaii characters and stuff so I go on it this week at school and it RESTARTED. I lost all my progress, so I emailed them and they asked a few questions and I answered then they asked another and I answered and now I am just waiting for a response. Also my brother, sister and I have been waiting forever for Nintendo to release the mobile game of animal crossing and this week they announced that it would be coming out LATE NOVEMBER!! I honestly love that game:D Ill tell you guys how it is... On Wednesday my sister and I bought pumpkins and so I chose a big one and I named it Big Boy cause its big its like the biggest pumpkin I have ever carved... So yesterday we carved them, and on one part I did  a face and on the part.... I DID A MAZE RUNNER QUOTE!!! I am gonna tweet it to the maze runner book acount and james dashner and possibly some of the actors of the movies. 
So yeah. I think my long intro is done. Sorry if some things were all over the place, and don't have proper spelling I am trying to type this fast:D Cause you have....

A long post ahead, so sit back and relax, grab a snack and read!!!

Jamaa Journal Update:
To start off we have the update from yesterday... This week was the phantom journal!
I think I will do a short caption of these... Nothing super long though cause I still have lot's to type!
A New Adventure called the trials of zios has arrived! 

A new eggstravaganza pet has arrived. If anyone gets this pet can you trade it to me please?XD

Pet phantoms are back.

It was red pandas! I can't wait:D They look sooooo cute. But I will have to wait a bit to get them though (unless my membership continues even though I said for it to not)

Night of phantoms reminder.

Hyenas are travelling and feast of thanks is coming!
Though I never really celebrate feast of thanks cause in Canada Thanksgiving has already passed.

I rate this journal a 8/10!

Just remembered I need to create a halloween costume for school, thats super easyyyy.
I only have a few days leftDX
Hopefully I can go shopping tomorrow or else... I am kinda screwed.

Now onto the tag a dy tag part of this post!!

World Of Jamaa Tag:
Recently a buddy of mine, Ja, made a world of Jamaa Tag so I will answering those questions here.

1. Do you like the new or older version of the zios mask?
Well, I kinda prefer the old mask. It had more details and looked older and fits animal jam's jamaasian style than the newer one. The new one is cool in all but its the same and its kinda very shiny and to new.

2. What is your favourite seasonal adventure in Jamaa?
Hmmm thats a good question. I kinda like Graham's workshop or the one where you collect the keys. I feel kinda stupid for not knowing the name of that one XD

3. Of all the lands in Jamaa (Oceans included) which one has your favourite music
Hmmmmm I don't know. To be honest, I don't usually play AJ with the volume on...
* Goes to all the lands and listen's to all the music* 
Im gonna have to say. Appondales music of Bahari Bay's/Crystal Reefs music. 
Fun fact did you know Bahari Bay and Crystal Reef have the same music?

4. On a scale of 1-10 how creepy do you rate the music in The Deep Blue.
Hmmmm. Im gonna have to say a 7.5/10 Im home alone right now so that makes it a bit more creepier XD

5. What's something weird you find on the Animal Jam World Map?
You know what? I don't really know. Maybe that AJ has never added any of those faded out lands as an actual land? (Does that countXDD?)

6.What is something in Jamaa's lands you never really notice.
Never noticed this fish in deep blue before.

7. What's one of the prettiest things in Jamaa?
 I gotta say either Coral Canyon's Pathway or the way the trees look in Jamaa Township during spring time. All of Jamaa is beautiful though honestly.

Thanks for tagging me Ja!!
I tag anyone who wants to do this tag:)

Onto the next tag..

15 random facts about me tag:
I didn't personally get tagged for this one but if you wanted to do this tag you could. I thought I would because it seems kinda fun. I will try to do facts that may not be the most obvious so....
Lets begin...

1. I have 250+ Photography pictures on my iPad.
A good percent is photography but this just shows that I love doing Photography. I possibly want to be a photographer in the future as well too.  I guess trying/doing photography since 2015 will pay off;)

2. Sometimes when I sneeze, I keep trying to sneeze but instead I just up keep breathing like a sneeze kinda.
This is hard to explain but like this is me when I sneeze usually.... 
A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A choo. Sometimes I end up sneezing multiple times in a row. Sometimes when I do the a a a a a a sneeze I don't even end up sneezing XD

3. My least favourite cold is having a stuffy nose
I don't know why, but I just hate having that feeling of not being able to breath through your nose. And then your voice goes all funny and other things occurr. And its just like blah.

4. Apparently the best job that would work best for me would be an animator or art related things like an artist, web designer, interior designer, like that.
We did this survey on a site and it would find which jobs would be the best match for you when I did it last year, it said animator as ones and like all those art related things and when I did it this year not much had changed. This kinda funny though cause I do like animating have been wanting to do more except havent had much of a chance cause of school and stuff. I also do want to get like a degree in photography or art, so who knows what the future will bring.

What job could you guys see me doing? Is it an art related job like above?

5. Im only 5ft and tiny bit. So just 5ft.

6. Sometimes I feel like my voice sounds like a little kids voice.
Cause honestly whenever I hear my voice recorded I sound like a little kid.
Fun Fact: The way you hear yourself talk is not the way others hear your voice.

7. I have 10+ favourite animals
I think I love animals a bit to muchXD
They are just so CUTEEEE.

8. I hate it when people tell me the obvious
This actually annoys me so much it is one my biggest pet peeves.
Like honestly, they tell me things that I am pretty sure they know that I already know. It's like I know that. Thanks:D

9. I have a 3d printing pen.
You probably already knew that XD

10. Sometimes I need everything to look perfect.
Like I am not a perfectionist but like if something does not look right it bugs me. For example a drawing I am drawing. If something doesn't look right it will bug me.

11. I have always wanted a pet floppy eared bunny.
I am never allowed to get one though because of my cats and they like to catch mice and stuff and my parents think the cats will eat the bunny so:(

12. When I am older I plan on having lots of pets.
These include: Shih Tzu, Ferret, Floppy Eared Bunny, Tea Cup Pig, Capybara (yes they can be pets), 2 cats, maybe another dog but definately a shih tzu. And yeah:)

13. I hate hearing the word raw.
For most people they hate hearing the word moist. But for me its raw. 
Agh it just gives me chills sometimes. Raw. It never actually used to bug me until this year...

14. A couple of years ago whenever I hurt my knee I would laugh.
Now this year, if I hurt it, it actually hurts.

15. If I am in a really good mood or energetic I can get really like weird and crazy.
If you knew me irl and was really good friends with me you would understand XD I do express it sometimes on here though. Have you noticed? Heheheheheheeheheheheheheheheheh.
XDDD I just can't hide my energy. But I mean who can?

So there are my 15 random facts!!

Another random fact is...
Some older movies from the 1900's actually bore me so much

I think I have been typing this post for way too long....
Its almost done!!

Just a reminder that you have till November 15th to enter the 2 CONTESTS AND GIVEAWAY!!!!
I heard a few of you plan on entering! So far we only have entry and that is for the giveaway. I cant wait to see your entries guys!!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon!!

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