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Sunday, October 29, 2017

First howl of the week since forever

- Daily Item
- Howl Of The Week
Hey jammers!
I was actually considering not posting today so I could have a bit more time playing AJ. 
But then I was like, I am going to post because I have only been able to post a couple times a week lately so. Here I am:D If you didn't know my membership was suppose to expire on October 27 except it didn't so I emailed AJ about it and they fixed the problem. So I am now nonmember. I assume I will be a nonmember for another few weeks or until around Christmas time. I am kinda excited to be a nonmember again though because I get to feel what its like to be nonmember again. To be honest though, in a few weeks from now I will want to be member again, cause let's be real here that always happensXD Then I get excited to be a member again and when I do become a member again I will be able to get a RED PANDA!!! YAY!! I decided to keep my bunny and penguin so then I would have an underwater and land animal so.... I am gonna decorate one of my nonmember dens!! (I kinda miss being a member already but whateva) 
Now onto the about me part of the intro well not really about me but what happened in my life.
Okay okay, did I mention to you guys that when I was pumpking carving I did part of my pumpkin maze runner themed and tweeted it to the James Dashner, The Mazerunner books account and the maze runner movie account? Well today when I woke up it had 150 likes. But now, it has almost 200 likes and.... IT WAS RETWEETED BY.... THE MAZE RUNNER BOOKS ACCOUNT!!!! The official account:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Now my Thomas Brodie Sangster picture hasn't gotten many likes or been seen by Thomas himself ( I doubt, cause he doesn't use social media much).
My dad has my pumpkin lit up now and the maze runner part looks really cool! I wish I had a picture of it that way before I tweeted but oh well.
I honestly haven't done much stuff of I what I wanted to this weekend but thats okay. So for halloween we get to dress up at school and I am not going out this year for candy but I am still dressing up. Anyways this idea was basically brought to my head on Friday I wanna say so I am being an emoji. I bought a yellow shirt and fabric markers and then added the face today. So TA DA!!
So this morning, my sister was on amazon and ordered a 150 pencil pack of prismacolor pencil crayons cause it was on sale for like 85$ using like double/triple that price. And we might split the cost so then her and I can share the pencil crayons. Cause they are really good pencil crayons. I also finally bought a black copic last night which I have been wanting forever.  Also got another succulent which I named Rosa, so yay!

Okay I need to end this intro now.
Intros are so long lately, I am extremely sorry about that!! I just have lots to say, dun dun dun dun.

Daily Item:
Today we have the new scary eyeball mask sold in jam mart clothing for 850 gems!
(Not sure if this is actually todays new item)
Okay, this is more than an eyeball. Like what is it? Part octopus? It is kinda creepy though I must admit.

This is what it looks like on Penguins:
Howl Of The Week:
Whoo, its been a long time since we have done howl of the week.
Last time we did it was...
On September 24! Wow, a bit more than a month.
Last time I asked...

What is your favourite pet and animal, why?
A couple people shared their opinions but the howl I chose was from...
Sarahkey8, here is what she said:
I don't have a favorite pet in AJ XD I love all of them!
And my favorite animal in AJ is the fox! I just love how they look, and how their actions are! Most everything looks good on them! 

In IRL my animals are horses and cats! (cheetahs for cats)

For the next howl, I ask..
Do you think making masterpieces as den items should be for all jammers? Why or why not!
Can't wait to see your answers!!!


Anyways, I don't really know what else to post about right now.
So I think I am gonna end the post here. Sorry it wasn't to long today.
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya soon!


  1. *Cough, cough*

    Hi--I'm completely don the lineart of your bunny's animation, but now I need the items, pattern and coloring. I can see your bunny is a sheep boxhead? I don't think that's what you want though. Is it your profile bunny that you want?

    1. It’s the red and blue bunny, so yes not the box one.


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