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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Imagining AJ without AJ youtubers

- Check out the returning mechanical wall crest
- Imagine animal jam without youtubers
Hey jammers!
Today I watched Step Up 2 with my sister and then in the afternoon I read for a couple hours and then I talked to my mom cause talking to moms are funXD Well we had to go through some dates this month for the upcoming school year. Don't worry they don't affect the posts not happening in anyway. And then I watched a few of Jake Paul's cringey music videos. Now I for sure hate him... I also hope my dad didn't want me to weed more of his garden today cause he didn't say anything about it so....
And now I am here writing a post for you guys:D

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning mechanical wall crest sold in jam mart furniture for 550 gems!
This item doesn't really do much for me, so yeaaaaaaaaah.

For today's imagine I thought we could imagine animal jam without AJ youtubers.

In my opinion, if there wasn't any aj youtubers, the aj bloggers would get so much more fame and the most popular ones would AJHQ's jambassadors, and they could go possibly go to vidcon even though they didn't have anything to do with videos... There also would be so many more AJ blogs to read, and a bunch of the same posts to read over and over again. Also all the famous youtubers might be a blogger as well like Wisteria, Bepper, Apparri, Julian and yeah.

Comment down what you imagine!

How to make a creative look by Crazcatlover:

step one
make an animal
be your favorite animal don't just be a wolf because that's what's popular but if your favorite animal is a wolf, whatever go ahead and be yourself
step 2
yay you have an animal now you get to dye its fur and stick tons of items on it
don't die while trying to put a coat on a wild animal
but like
don't be afraid to try out random storebought items or old rim's because they can be cool
just try to avoid the spikes because they're spikes and i mean i actually like spikes and have a spiked wristband irl but they're overused in aj so i mean you can wear a spike if you want but try out a heart locket or something
step 3
enjoy your new unique aj look
the end

As you can tell that was a joke obviously since yeahXD

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. I think that it's good in a way that there are Aj Youtubers because if the bloggers were really popular then I would have been too intimidated to start my blog. So I really think that it can be seen both ways. For more famous bloggers it my seem like their popularity is being taken away by Animal Jam Youtubers but for less famous bloggers like me I think that it's good because it's not quite as difficult to make a creative, original blog

  2. Snazzy post! -sorry I took forever to comment on it-

    I feel like if Aparri were a blogger, he wouldn't be as famous as he is as a YouTuber. And Snowyclaw would likely be the most famous AJ famous person.


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