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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Call of The Alphas Tips and Tricks

- Check out the 1 day only freedom den items!
- Imagine animal jam with out the summer carnival
- Howl of the Week
- Call of the Alphas Tips and tricks
- Legendary Paloozian of the Month Sign Ups
Hey jammers!
How are you all? I am currently on my one and only small trampoline typing up this post. I am surprised things haven't loaded super slow yet. But I guess thats a good thing and I hope I didn't jinx what I just said. I was scrolling trhough my AJ instagram today and I saw a post from Gfox about a game called Clawbert. So its like a claw machine and you collect kawaii items. So I downloaded it. Cause if you didn't know already I LOVE KAWAII (THINGS). I kinda like kawaii people and I wanna try to start drawing chibi people kinda cause they are kinda kawaii. But no I don't like anime.
Sorry to all those anime lovers out thereXD And if you are reading this right now purple. Sorry:(
Sorry for not posting the past 2 days aswell.  Anyways the app I mentioned above is perfect so thanks for posting about Gfox!!! 

Daily Items:
Today we have 6 new limited time freedom items sold in jam mart furniture!
The prices vary from 250 gems to 800 gems!

I actually don't understand why they didn't release freedom items in jam mart clothing too.
You would think so. But no.

Imagine- Animal Jam without the summer carnival:
Thats right. It is time to imagine.
Time to imagine what AJ would be like with out the summer carnival!

Firstly, if Animal jam didn't have the summer carnival there would be one less thing jammers could look forward too. The summer carnival is kinda like one of those traditional parties that come back every year.  I guess AJ also wouldn't be as "fun" In the summer too. I guess you could say considering some people probably spend their like whole summer at the summer carnivalXD
I don't really know how else to imagine aj with out the carnival.

Comment down what you imagine AJ to be like with out the summer carnival.

Call of the Alphas Tips and Tricks:
Not to say I have actually played this adventure much considering I have only gone to it like once for like 5 minutesXD But I decided to do some tips and tricks for finding the items! And no I am not doing a guide cause as of now I only have one itemXD
So here are some useful tips:

1. Look around the whole land
Make sure to look around the whole land.
If you don't you may have missed an item. But if you think you did miss an item be sure to check around the land again.

2. Look for the shapes in the journey book
Have you seen these familiar shapes in the land?
Have you clicked them?
So be sure to look for the familar shapes. It may help you!

3. Ask jammers who are in the party if they know where the items are
If you ask some jammers who are doing the hunt as well. Chances are they might know where some of the items are! And they can help you!

4. Ask your buddies where some items are if you are stuck
Same thing like above. If you ask your buddies they may know the answer.

5. Check guides on some blogs
Now if you wanna totally find all the hidden images. You can search on blogs that have all the answers for the journey book page.

6. Be patient
Lasty, make sure to be patient. I don't think AJ planned for this to be a super easy thing to do. So if you are having trouble, please be patient. I promise it will help you in the long route.

If you have any more questions feel free to comment down below!
I would love to answer them:)

Howl of the Week:
Unfortunatly I didn't get a chance to post the howl on Sunday. Which kinda sucks. 
So I am posting it now, considering there was no post yesterday.

The other week I asked Why did you choose to be on Team Mira or Team Zios?
The person's howl I chose was from Lostfairy. Here is she said:
Hmm, I chose to be on Team Zios because it had two YouTubers that I watch the most on it. Because of that, I chose which team I was in very quickly. XD

For next week's howl I would like you to answer the following question....
How would you feel if AJ shut down in the next update?
What would you do?

Make sure to comment down below your howls!

Legendary Paloozian of the month:
Yes it is that time again jammers! It has already been a month almost. Wow.
No one usually enters, when I do this and I end up choosing a well involved jammer on this blog. So I am hoping some of you guys enter!
If you would like to enter please provide the following:
- Username
- Favourite AJ animal of yours
- Favourite Pet of yours
- Why you would like to be Legendary Paloozian of the Month 

You have till Friday!!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow with a post! I am now on summer break for those of you who didn't know:)
P.S. If you are a jammer who has doesn't comment often, I would if you commented and said something about yourself so I can learn a little bit more about you guys! And to see which jammers read this blog:)


  1. AJ without the summer carnival would mean... NO COTTON CANDY! Very said, I know.

    1. AJ WITHOUT CARNIVAL WOULD MEAN NO FUN GAMES, CARNIVAL MUSIC and small and big fat pet plushies

    2. There would be cotten candy, from the promo cotton candy item :O

  2. Annnd I missed another 1 day item *sighs* WHY DO I KEEP MISSING THOSE O.O XD

  3. The summer carnival was one of the first major updates for me when I first joined AJ. Without the summer carnival meh life would not have been completed. Also, I love the one day items. They are very swell. XD



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