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Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Sombrero

- Check out today's new Sombrero
- Howl of the Week 
Hey jammers!
I don't know why but ever since I came back Friday night this blog has been getting less than half the page views it used to get. I don't understand why.... Oh well it's not the end of the world. There is also new polls that I added on the right side of the blog so make sure to check them out! I just realized that I barely got anything done that I wanted to do today... And that was a BIG list. Oh well againXD
I am sooooo hungry right now. Lately I have been getting hungry quickly after I ate a huge a meal. For example today for lunch I had a hamburger with celery and then shortly after I was hungry. So ya.

Daily item:
Today we have the new sombrero sold in the summer carnival for 4000 tickets!
I believe we had this last year though I feel like the price could be lowered by a tleast 500 tickets at most 1000 tickets.

Here is what it looks like on snowflake arctic wolves:
It's kinda big, don't ya think?
Howl of the week:
This is how the howl of the week will go.
I will post a question that you will answer in the comments for next week then. The one I like most will be chosen for the Howl of the week. Once it get's going it will make more sense! (I hope)

The question for next week's howl is....
Do you think nonmember's deserve more?

Comment your thoughts and your comment may be featured for next week's howl!

I am trying to do that magenta glitch with the arctic wolves so I will end the post here....
Sorry if you guys were looking forward to a free post! You will just have to wait till Wednesday...
That's all for today jammers!
Once again sorry for the short post! See ya tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. Oh I remember the other version of the rare sombero, whenever Gracie puts that on, ik whats coming XDDD 'AYE AYE AYE'

    I think nms are fine rn, they just got giraffes, last year was very good for nms o.o but this year willl be more for members, but I'm really glad they gave giraffes to nms! As Julian2 said, as members get new feautures, nms will get the old ones, which will be new to them (Most of them anyways XD)


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