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Monday, May 29, 2017


- Check out today's really expensive designer skirt Rim
- Check out my rim redo
- See this weeks Edit
- This week's howl of the week
Hey jammers!
Today I had a test in geography that I kinda thought I would do good on and then kinda thought I would do horrible on. But you know what? It was SUPER DUPER EASY:D And I ended up getting 98%!!!! Cool, eh? I also kinda wanna create a kawaii character like pusheen, gudetama or rilakkuma. But i'm not sure what to do it of.
Comment down if you have any suggestions!

Also I will be doing the howl of the week today since I wasn't able to post yesterday:)

Daily item:
Today we have the rare designer skirt sold in jam mart clothing for 4000 gems!
First of all, this item is VERY EXPENSIVE. Second of all, shouldn't it be in Epic wonders? Third of all, I think the only thing they changed to this was the spiral colour, the flower center and the belt clip. And lastly, I kinda like the look of this but ITS JUST WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY TO EXPENSIVE:P

Here is what it looks like on arctic foxes:
Kinda cute actually, just it would look better with the right colours.

Rim Redo:
So for today's redo I change the swirls to purple, the flower to purple, and the belt buckle to purple!
For some reason I always like my redo's better, and all I do is choose random coloursXD

I know, I know this week's edit is pretty lame.
I'm sorry guys:( Though in a way it isn't:)
Hope you liked it!!

Howl of the week:
Last week I asked, "do you think nonmembers deserve more?"
The howl that I thought standed out the most was.... (well was the only person who commented for this)
Goes to: Sarahkey8!
This what she had to say, "I think nms are fine rn, they just got giraffes, last year was very good for nms o.o but this year willl be more for members, but I'm really glad they gave giraffes to nms! As Julian2 said, as members get new feautures, nms will get the old ones, which will be new to them (Most of them anyways XD)"
Your howl will be shown on the blog all week!

Next Week's question is...
What is your opinion on the Seasonal adventures?
Make sure to comment your howl!
Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!!!


  1. The remake is so awesome o.o ITS TOO AWESOME XD


  2. What is your skintone Vi?

    I already asked you this didn't I o.o pls tell me again, I'm a scatterbrain XD

    1. Yeah you didXD It's not pink but it's not it's not peachy. I guess it's kinda in between. I don't really know how to describe it sorry.

  3. Wow lol. I actually think this RIM (and your redo) look nice and have good colors that go well together. Cool edit, too!


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