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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Legendary Paloozian Of The Month Sign ups+Fashion Show Results!

- Check out today's returning water propellor
- Art created by Flora 
- Fashion Show Results
- Legendary Paloozians of the month Sign ups!
Hey jammers!
I have a big post for you guys today!
I am actually gonna try to improve this blog in the next few months or so. And this time I am actually gonna try, hope you guys can help me along the process as well by commenting down some post topics and pages you would like to see this blog have! I do have a few ideas but it would be nice if you guys who read this blog could comment down some of your ideas as well to help!
I mean you can comment down any blog improvements you'd like:D

Also you guys know how I was at a lego robotics competition on thursday? Well my team was the winner of the Nascar racing challenge! And... WE GOT A MEDAL:D:D:D:D

Daily Item:
Today we have the returning water propellor sold in bahari Bargains for 400 gems!
I actually never really understood the purpose of this item for underwater animals? Like if they can swim then why do they need a propellor? I guess if they are slow swimmers?
 Whatever reason it has.... I am sure it's a good oneXD

Here is what the propellor looks like on polarbears:

A drawing of my bunny made by Flora Cutegirl:
The other week I asked my buddy Flora who is an AJ blogger aswell to draw my bunny!
Yesterday I got the drawing and thought it was very cute and thought I would post it on here.
Thanks again Flora!
The photo is now my blogger and google plus profile picture!

Fashion Show Results:
Now, if the fashion show wasn't extended out over a week longer than it should have been I think than I wouldn't be having 2 jammers voted out because they got tied. But because of the that we have a winner...
So young kindrose and Glowing Kawaii Iris were voted out...
Which left us the winner EMPRESS FRILLY LILY!!!
(I tried to add a crown if you couldn't tell.. I know it sucksXD)
I will send you your prizes right now as I type this post.

Legendary Paloozian of the Month Sign Ups:
Last weekend I asked if you guys would like this feature to be added back to the blog. 
I didn't get any response from you guys for this so.... I decided I would add it back! When I first created this blog I had jammer of the month like scooter's blog then I unfortunately discontinued it... Now it is back and better than ever!! 
If you would like to be the Legendary Paloozian of the month, comment down the following:
- Username
- Favourite Animal you have
- Your favourite pet you have 
- Why you would like to be the Paloozian of the month 

I think you will have until Tuesday to enter! 
This is just like any other AJ blog jammer of the month or blogger of the month event:)
If you were a paloozian of the month then you will be added to the page!
I have one animal in my head that is grey. 
If you can guess in the comments which animal I am thinking of you might get a prize!

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow with a new blog header, and template(actually probably today by the time you read the postXD).

1 comment:

  1. You should make posts about new things and topics, like, not just around updates.

    Stuff like different posts skits maybe/comics, stories, discussions and stuff that relates more to Animal Jam (not saying your stuff doesn't just saying some of your things are and people can't always think of things to comment about, not sure if this helps but it might)

    Um. Yeah Idk.


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