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Monday, May 8, 2017

Learn about Jamaa Derby

- Check out today's new rare feather ear rings
- See the redo of the feathered Ear rings
- Learn about the game Jamaa Derby
Hey jammers!
I hope you are all enjoying the new template and header. I gotta say it is one of my all time favourite themes this blog has gotten. And Im honest. (You said I should be honest)<<It's a chainsmoker's song.. Okay no one gets it. I see how it isXD There is one week till my fidget cube is expected to arrive. I am hoping it comes before Monday or on Monday because I kinda wanna take it to Washington when the grade 7's and 8's go for the trip next week... So there wont be posts those days. You will get more specific dates either this weekend or next Monday:D
So yeaaaaaaaa. I am still hungry even though when I got home I had a few crackers, half a butter tart, a wrap and celery. Yeah, I kinda eat a lot when I get home even though through out the day I had snacks that usually fill me up (sometimes) and a lunch:P

Daily Item:
Today we have the rare feather earrings sold in jam mart clothing for 900 gems!
I know that these are recoloured atleast I think they are anyways.
But I actually find them to be a nice item! Though I always wondered why animals wanted to get their ears pierced....?

Here is what they look like on cougars:
You would think they would be a bit bigger but they are not.
Maybe its just me imagining them bigger...? 
Did you guys imagine the ear rings to be bigger?

Rim Redo:
Not actually sure how I gonna redo these. Think Violet. Think.
So I changed the beads to black and made the feathers blue with white tips.
Which rim do you prefer? My redo or the original rim?

Topic: Jamaa Derby
Today's topic is a game...
This game is JAMAA DERBY!!!

How do you play jamaa Derby?
All you have to do is click or press space when you come across water, mud or other things.
You can also use carrots to speed you up!

What is the purpose of the game?
The purpose of the game is to jump over any obstacles and beat your other opponents.
The higher the place you come in the more gems you get!

Can anyone play it?
Yep, the game is for all jammers! Though if you are a member you can use your own horse in it!
How cool is that?

Hope you guys enjoyed learning a bit about jamaa derby, and hopefully it is useful for new jammers as well!

Legendary Paloozian of the Month Sign ups:
In yesterday's post I mentioned that I would be bringing back this blog's jammer of the month that got discontinued a long while back. It will be like some AJ blog's jammer of the month or blogger of the month. Today is the last day to sign up so here is the required information:
- Username
- Favourite Animal
-Favourite Pet
- Why you would like to be the Paloozian of the month

I have also been asking in the past few posts if you guys had any post topic suggestions and page suggestions! I have gotten a response from someone so it would be nice if other jammers could comment down some stuff as well since I am actually gonna make sure to improve this blog in the next few months and would love to hear your suggestions! 
What is your favourite feature of Jamaa Derby?

Today instead of a fun question we have a quote...
"Keep Calm, and Jam on!"

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. You did a great job on re-doing the RIM. It looks so good. I definitely prefer your re-done version of it over the real one. XD
    I love your new template! It looks so amazing. :O

  2. I really like the redo, I wish AJ made it like that XD
    Jamaasian derybiasn

    Btw love the new header and backround :D


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