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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pros and cons of being nonmember

Hey jammers!
How has your week been so far? Mine has been pretty good I guess? Its just been the usual. Nothing really different, if thats what you wanna say?

Today we have the returning wristwatch sold in jam mart clothing for 450 gems!
:Insert desciption here:

Here is what it looks like on a penguin that needs to be redesignedXD:

Today I turned nonmember. Yes a very sad day. So I decided why not make a post about the pros and cons! So here we go...
- You have access to all games
- You have access to most parties/special events
- You can jag jammers
- You can do the basic stuff; Add buddies, talk, ect
- You can change colours of items and try on member items
- And more!

- Some members don't treat you with respect
- You have a limit on your storage that is lower than members
- Can't do all adventures
- You can only have non member items
- You can only have 2 animals
- Most items in the diamondshop is member
- And more!

Those are just the things that have come to my mind first!

Thats all for today jammers!
- Violet

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- Violet


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