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Friday, August 26, 2016

Top 3 ways to earn gems

Hey jammers!
My phone case came in today! I was kinda worried my phone wouldn't fit in it but it thankfully did... YIPEE!!!! So last night I went to toys r us. I was getting kinda worried that they weren't gonna have the toys cause we couldn't find them but in the end we finally did! So I got 2 adopt a pet play houses and an animal figure. The play houses costed 5$ so 2 of those makes 10 then the animal costed like 8$ so thats already 18! I didn't feel like spending over 20$ so ya. I will post pictures tomorrow!

Today we have the new smiley glasses sold in jam mart clothing for 550 gems!
These glasses are actually quite interesting looking to be honest and funny.

Here is what it looks like on deers.

Top 3 ways to earn gems super quick
You probably already know this but I guess this is for newer jammers who aren't sure.
So let's begin!

1. Play games
By playing games pretty freqeuntly you can earn so much gems. 
Your probably wondering now.. What if you don't wanna play games all the time? Well you don't have to. A few game that make a ton of gems are: Best dressed, falling phantoms, jamaa derby and many others!

2. Doing adventures
This one is probably much funner than the one above cause you can do it with buddies or alone.
To make gems super quick with this.... All you need to do is play the return of phantoms a few times to make a few thousand of gems! If your a nonmember. If your a member a nice adventure or that make gems quick are The hive and Greely's (Forget what its called but the one with tower)

3. Deleting unused items or items you no longer want
Now this one is probably the hardest, although your just deleting items.
In order to do this you will need a ton of unused items or items you no longer want. Don't worry if you don't have to much items to delete you can still make a few hundred which would be so helpful if you just needed a few hundred:)

Hope you enjoyed those useful tips!
Thats all for today jammers! And don't forget to enter the contest!
- Violet

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