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Saturday, August 27, 2016


Hey jammers!
So apparently yesterdays post only got 2 views???
Hmmm. Anyways thats not why I am here right now! I am here to show you guys the AJ toys I got!!!! Cause you know I kinda promised right?

So here is the section the toys were in! The stuffies are actually so adorable and soft I just wanna hug them;)
So I wil post the prices, incase your not sure you wanna spend that much.
Top shelf- Animal figures= 7.99 cad
Second shelf- Plushies= 12.99 cad
Third shelf- Animal figures with den set= 22.99 cad
Fourth shelf- Adopt a pet play houses= 4.99 cad
Bottom shelf 1- Bigger plushies= 20$? cad
Bottom shelf 2- Club geoz set= 60$? cad
Some things are actually pretty decent priced and the club geoz thing has a button that if you press it it plays the club geoz music which i think is pretty darn coolXD
I ended up getting this raccoon.
And these 2 adopt a pets which were...
A tiger and bunny!

Also I noticed on the back it says Series 1.
Could that mean there are more series to come?

So ya...



Then that popped up which is basically just the pet list on your account!
Also noticed this in the corner.
Maybe every 5 pets you get you get a prize?

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
- Violet


  1. I don't mean, to sound rude, but I believe that's a lion, not a tiger.
    Sorry, I'm a grammar cop, XDD

  2. I just said I'm the grammar cop, yet I made a typo. Grr.
    Take away the comma between mean and to, XDD

  3. So Toys R Us has them! EPIC! I'm gonna try to go soon! Hopefully they'll have 'em in mine!


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