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Sunday, March 6, 2016

The longggggg PW update

Hey jammers!
Woah it's been awhile since I've made a post on this app and it actually lets me work on pages too!
How convenient is that? Well like I said earlier this week, I would like post a long post this weekend and here it is: Okay so I know I haven't posted on the weekend in a long time but maybe I will start to again if I'm up to it but probably not....
So let's begin!

Every month or so animaljam releases a new update on playwild.
Page 1

Horses have came to playwild along with jamaa derby!
You can now buy horses in the sapphire shop yay...

Page 2

Okay so I accidently for a got a page but....
Sapphires are the new currency you can use in playwild.
They are like diamonds in AJ but in playwild they are sapphires.

Page 3

This page is just explaining it...
So I will give a brief summary of this.
So in the premium shop the place where you used to buy dens and animals and armour with real money you now buy bundles of diamonds. You can also earn sapphires by the treasure hunt.


Now you can check out these books.
And jamaa derby has arrived!

Now I will give you a quick preview of the new features...
But not the chamber of knowledge cause I didn't even realize it caneXD Whoops...

So this is the premium shop there's way more but that's all I could screen shot on my iPad.
So for 2.79 you can get 100 sapphires and you can see the rest above.
I think some of those are actually good deal seeing that some games actually cost like 5 dollars for 50 in game currencies.

This is what the sapphire shop looks like.
It looks pretty familiar to the other shop in animaljam.

This is the inside.
Again it's pretty similar to the one in animaljam.

This is the sign that popped up.

This is the currency exchange like we have in animal but a but of a different format.

The animals are actually quite expensive  though I guess it's better than wasting money.

Okay so this is the sapphire shop section for the den items.
As you can see there is actually a search on top for searching items.
Maybe that will be a new feature they bring to jamaa seeing that some features from playwild are on animaljam.

This is where you can buy the dens they are the same price as the animals.

So where you go to jamaa derby this is they way it looks before you press play.
Quite like on animal jam.

It looks just like on animaljam and it acts the same way.

So that's all the playwild update!
I didn't actually want it to be that long but oh well!

That's all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!
- Violet

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