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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Plushie madness

Hey jammers!
I have a loose tooth. Sorry for no post yesterday I kinda just wanted to chill when I got home from school. So yaaaaa.....

Today we have the new hyena plushie sold in epic wonders for 1 diamond!
I wonder if they will release the new plushies into jamaa that you could see in ajhq's den that had the llama, otter, hyena and i don't know the other one.
This is super cute though:)

Today's topic is about plushies!
Now everyone knows what a plushie is.
Well they should. AJHQ makes a plushie for every animal in jamaa.
Around a year ago or so they started making claws for each plushie.
You can get them from the claw or trade for them!
Definition: A stuffed animal

Ya that was kinda a short blurb about plushies since anyone knows what they are...

There is this glitch where you go to claw and click it.
When you click play all you see is white elephants.
Just thought I would post it....
Its actually kinda funny WHITE ELLYS EVERYWHERE:P


Thats all for today jammers!
See ya on thursday!
- Violet


  1. Ah. I think i'm gonna hang out on yours and Nafaria's blogs these next few days. At least no rude cyberbully ( Aj-Offers), is on these blogs! He is called people rude things on the Animal Jam Community.

  2. Hey Violet can you advertise my new blog because i love yours and i want mine to be popular! Its called animaljamliberty.blogspot.com

  3. And how do you get the poll and cool font?

  4. If you would like your blog on this blog please go to the blog page:) Also and thanks! How I get a poll is I go to the blogger layout add gadget and choose poll that might help. The cool font is just on bloggers


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