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Friday, September 11, 2015

Lets play in the leaves!

Hey jammers!
Sorry for no post yesterday. Math was really hard for me so my mom gave me like a 1hr lesson.
And then after that I was out of steam! Today is 9/11
For those who don't know 9/11 is the date that the twin fell down.

Today we have the returning leaf pile sold in jam mart furniture for 350 gems!
Im glad this returned! 
Seeing that fall is right around the corner we can pretend to play in this pile of leaves! 
They are also nonmember soooooooooooo.

Mini challenge

So todays mini challenge is another jigsaw puzzle!
This time it will be harder and funner! 
So be prepared!!!! Also if the puzzle is done then press the reload button in the corner and then you can do it!

Fun facts about animal jam!
Note: These facts are from the aj guide book when I looked at it threw the summer last year I only have a brief memory of it though soooooo ya.
1. Alphas are named after real people
2. It takes about like 10 months to design a land and create it same with a new animal
3. (this one isn't from the book) The alpha's looks have changed over the year a lot
Those are all the facts I could think of zoo :P
Hehe :P :P :P :P 

Thats all for today jammers! See ya tomorrow! 
Or not! I don't like posting on the weekends sometimes. 
So I may have a small quick post instead!


  1. Hey, totally understand about the math thing! today I did math and wrote out in words and then my teacher told me I had to write in in numbers! how ridiculous! its the same thing! Anyway I did the puzzle/ challenge and
    Spoiler Alert! it was the fountain from Jamaa township! Nice challenge! Not to hard and not too easy! see you in jamaa!
    your buddy,

  2. 9-11 is also the day before my birthday. YAY, i'm so excited! I'm getting a phone!!!

    Wow! I didn't know all that about AJ! I really wanna get that guide! And does this mean some is named GREELY and PECK and SIR GILBERT out there? Interesting names!


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