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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The new headress

Hey jammers!
Im really pooped and hungry right now cause my sister was babysitting and so I helped her. And so I'm really tired from that. I haven't been on AJ or play wild all day. I think I am gonna work on this blogs summer look I have a few ideas....

Today we have a new style of headress basically called the feathered bird hat sold in the summer carnival for 2250 tickets.
I actually didn't realize that this was a bird hat I thought it was just a feathered hat but apparently not.
Its basically a newer version of AJ's headress with more detail. Its really cool looking I like the peacock feathers the most.

Violet's drawing
Mmmmhmm Aj is being super slow and its making me a bit stressed out...
Well in the mean time whats up jammers? How is life?
Now to wait again... Doo foo dud dadddoooo do do....
Today I drew a cute little brown bunny! Om nom nom all it needs is a carrot.
Or joey the marshmallow. But we don't want the bunny to eat Joey now do we?
Anyways the bunny is staring at you with one eye. A bit creeped out eh?

Have you ever wondered why the alphas were giving the certain names like Graham, Cosmo, Liza, Greely, Sir. Gilbert, and Peck. In the guide book it actually says that they were named after real people. But thats off topic... 
Do you think they got there name from the great things those people have done? (people who they were named after) Im not sure it would be a great topic to discuss in the comments this week be sure to comment your ideas!

So today I was minding my own business in zoos. When I found a snake. The snake started hissing...
It made me super scared but instead I got super mad at it then it bit me.
Now look what happened?
ANOTHER SNAKE CAME! I screamed and exploded.
I threw a mad face and the next thing you know the snakes were gone...
Dun dun dun, so I ran to my den and slept for 24hrs.
The end!

That's all for today jammers!
I will see you friday since I won't be able to post tomorrow since I'm going to a park for events since its canadas day tomorrow. 
Have a great day/evening or night.



  1. Guess what! The hat was my idea! I told AJHQ to make a Peacock Feathered Headdress, and look what we got! I AM SO HAPPY! :DD They also took my advice for pet peacocks too! :D

    1. I hope they get Mel's idea of Cacti Hats. Even I want them.

  2. Omg, I love the new blog background and your new header Violet!


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