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Monday, June 1, 2015

Strawing hatting

Hey jammers!
Sorry for the latish post and sorry for not posting yesterday. 
I was at my friends house we had a sleepover and we did the chubby bunny challenge and did other stuff we also watched the hobbit so I could get caught up and ya long story about the hobbit but I had really fun and e stayed up till 1;00 in the morning we would of stayed up longer but we both were tired....
Also I am updating the blogs look for june sometime this week too!
Anyways enough about my weekend talk. I will be visiting all games that I haven't played in awhile like club penguin and webkinz sometime this week. I won't be able to post this thursday or friday cause thursday is my dance dress rehearsal on friday is my dance recital. But now since dance is basically over except the recital I can post every wednesday of the summer!
Yay! I didn't mean to actually have like 2 paragraphs of intro woopsy oh well! I think I may be getting a new membership this week and that means spring bunny! Did you know snowy claw got a free spring bunny from ajhq? Ikr so ridiculous. And lucky duck! 
Okay I will be finishing this intro now... Ok lets finish the end!

Today is rare item monday which means another worthless rare item monday! 
So now we have the rare woven hat sold in jam mart clothing for 600 gems!
This is nice in all and actually the price it should be.
The colours are nice in all but a bit to girly not by much though.
I rate it.. Hmm lets see. 6/10 now thats pretty good for a rim.

Rim redo
Don't you just love my rare item redo?
I know its fab I hate it.
Its soooo rushed and messed up oopsy...

Mysterious monday mystery
Comment the exact location for a prize!
I hope its a bit trickier.

Mini challenge

Todays mini challenge takes place in the summer carnival...
Spoooooky hey?
So what you have to do is play all the games 5 times each. 
Count upp all the tickets you get then comment?
Sounds like a plannoooooo.

Now I feel like this post wasssss super boring. 
So here is randomness..
Thats all for today!
See ya later jammers!


1 comment:

  1. OMG I LOVE Chubby Bunny challenge, hehe! Anyways, I think the RIM is a bit better too! Cool colors! And, um, the MM pic is in... uh... I will get back to you on that! Jam On!


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