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Friday, June 12, 2015

Sanding sandy sand

Hey jammers!
Today we have the sand oasis sold in jam mart furniture for 900 gems!
Even though this is a puddle thing it's pretty expensive. 
It probably isn't even that big. Maybe it could be a little pool for your pets. 
That's a creative idea hey? Oh ya it is!

Future items
This is another one of those unreleased items.
Even though this may have been unreleased a few months or so it doesn't mean I can't show you?
So this is an unreleased sweater. I am unsure of who it was found on. But we do know for sure it wasn't edited since its on a panda. It looks pretty nice. Though we can can't be to sure whether it was hacked in or just released by accident. The secret will stay unknown. But we do know for sure it could be released this fall/winter. 

Fun facts
Since pet piglets just arrived I thought I'd do the fun facts on piglets. 
How does that sound? IT BETTER SOUND GOOD? Whoops sorry about the caps I just creeped my self out...
1. Pigs are smarter than dogs (fourth smartest animal in the world)
2. Pigs prefer to sleep nose to nose. How sweet?
3. Pigs dream like humans do
4. Pigs have good sense of direction
5. Pigs to not eat like a pig or pig out 

Mini challenge
I actually have no challenge today,
Comment challenges please or else there may not be any more mini challenges.
So please comment any challenge.

AJ news
If you guys have heard you can now get polar bears and arctic wolfs.
This may just be a glitch so get them while you can here is how.
First go to where you change your animals look.
While your there click pets.
Once you are in the pet section click a blue butterfly. The blue butterfly means you have a space open for a new pet if you don't have the blue butterfly then you have to delete a pet.
This is what the blue butterfly will look like...
Then click the butterfly.
Once you have clicked the butterfly it will bring you here...
You then click the polar bear and you can then buy it for 400 gems!
You can actually buy most pets there that are diamonds for gems I believe.
This new look game with the update as with the new player card look.
So now I have a polar bear and I didn't even need a membership just 400 gems!
Hope this can get a polar bear if you always wanted one. I wonder if its for nonmemberws. 
Now remember this may be a glitch so get it while you can:)
oh ya just for member
Special thanks to meloetta for posting this. 

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!

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