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Thursday, June 11, 2015

New adventure rant

Hey jammers!
This post will be a bit different since the jamaa journal came yesterday.
I will also be adding a few things to the posting schedules that we do but I haven't added yet.
Today we have the new elegant curtain sold in epic wonders for 1500 gems!
Wow it took me like 5000 years to find the new item.
Actually only a few minutes but longer than usualXD
This seems more royal then elegant though it looks a bit to fancy if ya know what I mean?

AJ news
Introducing the new section to the schedule AJ news!
In this new section that will appear every thursday will show all the news and things going around in jamaa though it may or may not be like 5 things it may just be like whats happening around jamaa.
I know I should of added this to the jamaa journal update but I didn't realize it was here until after I made the post. So this is a new shop in sarepia forest where you can get all animals in grass form.
Kinda like how you can get all the alphas in stone. 
Well it looks to me like these are good prices so thats a positive:)
Also there has been a few changes in sarepia forest. The bridge isn't there anymore and a new shop hopefully they don't change it like with crystal sands:(
 I don't know what to say now....

I got very frustrated yesterday playing this game.
So if you don't know yet. Every phantom pipe you defeat you get an alpha stone.
You have to buy items with alpha stones as your prizes. Which means wasting your time on alpha stones to get a prize that isn't free like most adventures. The adventure also repeats and never ends.
No one wants to play an adventure that never ends. I doubt this  adventure will last long because its not a true adventure its like the seasonal adventures kinda also this adventure probably isn't gonna get good reviews. I rate it a 5/10 just because it never ends and just repeats plus you have to buy your prizes not get them from completing for free:/

Well thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow! Hey I have no school tomorrow yipee!



  1. Agreed, I like the adventure but I think they should make the prizes free and let the adventure end.

  2. The adventure is great! I don't really understand why I see many people hating it. Sure it does repeat a lot, but it would be way too short other wise. And I do understand why you might dislike paying for your prizes, but that gives you a goal in the adventure so its not pointless. Its actually really fun to play in my opinion, even if it takes awhile tog et a prize. I already have 210 stones, and soon I will have enough to buy the phantom trophy.


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