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Friday, April 17, 2015

Horn Helmets are back!

Hey jammers!
Finally we have a normal timed post for once! I hope everyone is glad of that? Maybe? Maybe not?
Well anyways today we have the new rhino helmets sold in jam mart clothing for 150 gems!
Wait 150 gems? Woah isn't that a bit cheap and also a great deal?
Well I think it is a great deal! And if  you have noticed these horn helmets come in different colours than the others. Lets take a look!
All these colours are different than the new ones, making the original ones still rare. 
The only same one that i'v noticed is the pink one I believe and thats it I think.

Future items
Today's future item.... Dun dun dun
Is the princess bed found in whenlifegivesyouice's den.
Now this could be hacked in or ajhq just testing it out.
I think its a great idea and very cute though a bit girly to be honest.
This item will probably come out but it may not. If you search the user whenlifegivesyouice 
her den is locked so unfortunately you can't see the bed:(
So i buddy requested her to see it my self:) 

Mini challenge
Todays mini challenge has to do with the game in tierny's aquarium that you can plushies from.
So what you have to do is. 
See how long it takes you to get one plushie if you have already beatin this sorry.
You may wanna check freqeuntly to find out if you have found any plushies.

Fun facts
Today's fun facts are about feet. 
Feet feet feet. Please don't ask why i chose this topic cause I honestly don't know why.
Hope you enjoy these interesting feet facts!
Your feet have 66 joints
200+ muscles, ligaments and tendons
52 bones
25000 sweat glands (feet sweat half a pint per day)
You walk 8000-10000 steps a day
100+ tons of pressure are put on your feet everyday
115 000 miles are walked in a life time

Thats all for today jammers!
See ya later!


  1. Those are two different types of helmets, the horn and rhino ones are not the same.

  2. Lol! Feet facts! I saw that princess bed on Internet, its really cool! Thou, a LOT like pink sofa...


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