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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Geckos and bunny bun bun and new land maybe?

Hey jammers! I was originally gonna post on tuesday on but instead my mom kicked me off when I was begining the post so I was like ugh. So im super sorry:(
Anyways today is jamaa journal day! 
I was hoping for something a bit more fun but I guess its okay not the best but okay;)
So to start off with we have the new pet geckos! 
These geckos look super cool but unfortunately in the diamond shop again.

We have the new spring bunny and items you can only get this bunny and items by getting a member ship card from now to july I know I will be getting one in may I think? 

The cruiseship party has finally returned! Now everyone can go any have a swim in a pool!

Yes aj earth day is soon and we should celebrate. 
Oh look a reminder about best guess but this time it has more questions to test our brains.

What do you think this could be?
I think its a land and it most likely will be a land finally!!!!!!!!!!
With this update ajhq also has changed the loading screens.
I really like these new loading pages don't you?
They are just so cute and fluffy and magical!!!!! 
This another.

And another I love them i think theres others but I havent gotten a chance to see yet.

Moving on to todays new item!
Today we have the new investigator hat sold in jam mart clothing for 500 gems!
It looks cool? I guess XD? I have to see what it looks like on animals to say if I like it or not.
But it is good and cool I guess? 

Violet's drawing
Today I drew a tulip. 
Well thats all for today jammers!
See ya tomorrow!


  1. I think it will be an ADVENTURE! There is already a beach-like den in AJ, and I am not sure AJHQ would make a land SO SIMILAR to Crystal Sands... but that cave in Adventure Base Camp by the Ocean Base Camp seems to be waiting to be used... :D

  2. It looks like a better version of Crystal Sands in my opinion. But I think it could be a cruiseship land (Off Topic: I played this game called Fantage and they have a cruiseship as one land and the beach as another. It's pretty cool). If it's not a land then maybe it's a summer adventure or something cool like that. OR It could be another part of Crystal Sands perhaps? Well I don't know so we'll just have to find out and see :)


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